One or the other.


You may or may not know that a few months ago I sold my ‘modern’ road bike, a Pinarello FP1. It was a lovely bike and we mostly got on well, it carried me over some miles and up a good few solid climbs, including the Galibier so I can’t grumble but towards the end of our relationship it’s fair to say that we fell out of love with each other for one reason or another. Which leads me to where I am at now… Sans bike. Well Sans bike with modern componentry anyway.

A while back I wrote about my love for the friction shifter, that love still remains BUT I have some things planned for the future in the way of big rides and I’v come to the conclusion that my 13-18 racing block and downtube shifting on my one remaining road steed isn’t cutting it. I need something, but I’m torn. Torn to pieces.

Here is the dilemma: I have a bike, it fits me and it looks good but the hardware needs updating. Do I go ahead and buy a modern gruppo for it and have it turn out like this absolute beauty:

Or do I buy a completely new bike? A Canyon. These bikes are totally ‘badass’ and great value too. I’d buy one of these – A Canyon Roadlite 7.0 with full Ultegra:

With the first option I’d probably save a bit of money and get to make the BRH look and perform much better but the latter option will make things just that little more ‘pro’. You can see my dilemma, right?

Right now I think I’m buying a gruppo but seriously, that could change at any moment. If Gilbert wins again aboard his Canyon I’m in trouble.

Oh and by the way, who’s owns the Cecil Walker?
Edit. Found at Prolls.

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5 Responses to “One or the other.”

  1. texas longhorn Says:

    it’s a no-brainer. the 13-18 does cut it, I should know as I ride a bitchin’ 92′ orange Gazelle hooked up with friction/index shifts that turns heads. However I also have a steel Coppi which floated over Rapha’s HOTN2.

    The answer: buy another bike and keep the Flandrien. How’s your weight loss?

  2. Wilburforce Kennard Says:

    Very interesting post, and it applies to a lot of people I would have thought, myself included.

    I suppose the biggest factor here is the ‘pro’ look and performance of the bikes. I suppose if you took part in a lot of races you would probably want to go for the modern performer? But if it was just long leisurely rides then stick with the classy build…

    Either way mate let us know what you decide!

  3. ARMY Says:

    Buy the groupset for the BRH. You can always swap it over to a new bike later on KID

  4. Carl Says:

    Best be quick smart too. Ribble 30% discount on Italian Jewellery ends midday Wednesday 6th July.
    One of the best looking bikes I saw on a sportive was a steel De Rosa in Molteni colours with modern Record. Bellissimo.
    Not happy you sold the Pina though – unless you’re looking at buying another? My Dogma’s far too small for you….

  5. doug Says:

    You need to get with the times-sack the steel its for collectors and tourers. Even the audax boys ride Ti. Quick, light and stiff carbon is what you need. And a good pair of legs.

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