Le Coq and the London open.


This summer, iconic French sportswear brand Le coq sportif shall become an official sponsor of the London Open 2011 Bike Polo event. The event shall take place from Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st July on Hackney Downs, East London.

Bike polo players from around the World are invited to compete at the tournament which follows the European and World Championship tour and is the final event of the summer. Around 60 teams are expected to compete at the London Open 2011.

As an official sponsor, le coq sportif shall be showcasing a selection of L’Eroica product and vintage imagery from past cycling events within a le coq sportif area, celebrating the brands rich heritage in cycling and deep French roots. Outside, a le coq sportif pétanque court will be found along with a seated area, where event supporters are able to either relax or participate in mini games of the much loved French game of boules, which originated in Southern France back in the early 1900’s.

Last year’s bike polo event was attended by over 1,000 people, including players, supporters and families, local residents and passer-by’s. This year’s attendance is set to rise as the site increases to hold three purpose-built polo courts, marquees, a family and spectator picnic area, a range of food stalls, a secure locked bike area and referee stands.

Like bike polo? Get involved. I’m sure the Birmingham teams will be in full effect! Work permitting I’ll be there at the side lines armed with an air horn and a big set of lungs.

Le Coq Sportif.

London Hardcourt bike polo association.
Birmingham bike polo.

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