L’Eroica 2011. Le Coq Sportif teaser.


Woop woop! My first cameo! Ok, so only a few days until L’Eroica 2011 and I’m raring to go… last year was an utter blast and I am once again privileged to be invited out to the event by my friends at Le Coq Sportif.

Peep my report from last year.
The atmosphere the whole weekend was electric, where 3000 like minded, fanatical individuals descend upon Gaiole in Chianti for two days of pure cycling nostalgia. Woolen jerseys and steel bikes aplenty, any man interested in the traditions of the cycle race can certainly find his fill here…

Not only that there’s lots of great food (I’m looking forward to the wild boar pasta myself), lashings of great Chianti wine, coupled with great surroundings… Damn! it’s like a little heaven in Italy for the weekend.

Only a few days now!

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One Response to “L’Eroica 2011. Le Coq Sportif teaser.”

  1. Camila Says:

    My brother (of Tuscan deecnst, now living in Germany) was there sans hairnet! Excellent blog, BTW it makes me feel sooo homesick! (I live in Denver now, but grew up in Milano, roaming all over the places you are enjoying now). The Rockies are certainly beautiful mountains too it’s what revolves around the Alps (in this case the Appennines) in terms of culture, history, folklore, etc. that is so different here. As your recent blog about the hut culture also did an excellent job of underlining! I miss it!

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