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Conventional Vs Non-Conventional

March 25, 2009

Welcome guest blogger Kevin Kafesu.

Hand built, Forkless, chopper

Completely impractical and yet utterly beautiful, Forkless is a completely scratch-built custom chopper with, you’ve guessed it, no forks. The steering is done via a series of linked rods running around the frame from the handlebars to the front hub (reclaimed from a wheelchair).

Chopperolli, the artist/engineer behind Forkless, has posted a Making Of photo essay on the Ratrod Bikes forums. The highlights: The rims came from a moped and had to be drilled to take more spokes, the rear hub is a modified-coaster brake hub which now only rest on a single fork (what is a single fork called? A tine?) and to keep the whole bike pure white, Chopperolli even hand carved new rubber inserts for the pedals.

Apparently the bike rides pretty well. The steering is probably a little fluffy, but this isn’t a road racer. It’s a pimped-out cruiser.

Via Wired Magazine

Jibbering Art Exhibition

December 3, 2008

JIbbering Art proudly presents
as part of the Mutate Britain Exhibition.

Nuff Brummie artists including my very good friend Glenn Anderson… read on.

5th December – 14th December 2008. Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 1.30pm – 10pm.
Launch Night: Thursday 4th December from 6pm – 11pm. – INVITE ONLY.

For invites to the private view on December 3, email RSVP is essential.

Jibbering Art are curating a beast of an exhibition, 0121 as part of the epic show, Mutate Britain. With nineteen street artists exhibiting, Jibbering Art have pulled together the forefathers of the UK graffiti scene with the new blood of the scene. Expect sculpture, original new pieces, limited edition prints and a few surprises.

Artists exhibiting are: 9T, China, David Gaskgarth, Dora, Dscreet, Fluid, Glenn Anderson, Jinpow, Juice 126, Log, Mac 1, Marq Tu, Newso, Part2ism, Plimsoul, Remi/Rough, Rowdy, Semor & Co & Zoot.

The exhibition launches on Thursday 4th December with a launch party that only Jibbering knows how to put on! Expect Dj’s, live music and the usual Jibbering hospitality from 7pm – 1am!

0121 is then open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 1.30pm – 10pm as part of Mutate Britain @ Cordy House, 87-95 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3BS

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