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Lee Cooper.

January 26, 2010

Yesterday afternoon I took my good friend Jon to see Lee Cooper of Coventry, for those that do not know Lee is a top frame builder and is also the man responsible for building most if not all of the frames for London’s 14 Bike Co.

The reason we travelled to see Lee had less to do with frame building though and more about frame restoration. Simply put we needed a set of replacement decals for Jon’s recently acquired 1974 Tom Bromwich track bike and Lee was the man to see.

So we hung around for a while, I managed to grab a handful of photographs and Jon gripped his decals. Mission accomplished.

Thanks Lee for taking the time out to talk with us and show us around your place.

14 Killing it…

December 7, 2009

… With this.

What an absolute pearl of a bicycle and made out of custom drawn aero ( Christ I have used that word a few times today havn’t I? ) steel tubing too. Damn!

This frame was initially an experiment to see how far we could push the boundaries and capabilities of 14 Bike Co’s resources. Andy at FGLDN based the concept on a couple of frames he had owned in the past. This is a frame that is all about the details…

Read more here and see more here.


December 7, 2009

The detail on these looks amazing.
Custom Wooden guards now in at 14.

A Quick rant.

October 16, 2009


To those across the world wide web who like the posts of SPINWELL and link to them… Thank you! And I will continue to do the same also as it is you that has put in all of the work to find these gems that we all love so much.

And to those pirates who straight jack posts including those off other blogs and websites and then don’t link to them or sometimes even pass a found gem off as their own – You suck… infinitely. Oh and remember pirates, this is not a numbers war so burn your stats!

To say a quick thanks to those who have linked to me, here is a small list of blogs I read and link to regularly.

Fixed Gear Leeds.
Hipster Nascar.
Double Oh Two.
14 Bike Co.
Rapha Blog.
Birmingham Fixed Gear.

Go check them out if you havn’t already, they are great blogs and always worth tapping in.

Now to lighten the mood a little after my negative indulgence here is a vid of my favourite BMXer right now – Mike Aitken. This guy flows tighter over dirt packs than anyone I have ever seen. No big tricks like flairs or cash rolls, just a real simple, beautiful, effortless flow.

Ride safe friends and enjoy your weekend.

Goldtec ceramics at 14.

May 8, 2009


Swoop at 14 Bike co.

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