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At the ride in, Birmingham.

April 19, 2011

‘At The Ride-In, Birmingham’

Inspired by the Drive-In movies that we attended in …America and in collaboration with friends and colleagues, Nimble would like to present an afternoon of picnics, discussions and bike polo followed by an evening of film screenings.

The site is open from 4.30pm for picnics, information stalls and goodies. Inside screenings will begin to loop at 6pm, outdoor screening starts at 7.30pm. Secret screenings and further timings to be announced, films include:

Two Arrows, D’Acciaio (of steel), A Throw of the Dice, Copenhagen Cycles, Red Light Divide, Bike Kill, Vive Le Tour, Bike Polo Manual, We’ve Got It On Tape, Cuts from Red Light Go, Cuts from Ride the Divide

Super, rad and awesome! Tomorrow is my Birthday and so long as I am not buried under a mountain of cake I’ll be going…


Rapha for the Nodder.

April 1, 2011

Even though I am 12st and have a paunch the size of 12 krispy kremes I don’t need this… but some might.

Some of you may have had the experience where your svelte cycling partners are able to whip up the climbs like marmottes on a mountain way faster than you can. I personally don’t know what that feels like, but if you do, you might need this.

Developed in the field by riders of the Rapha Continental in North America, the Rapha Climbing Lead is Rapha’s first training product. A discreet, lightweight and highly effective training tool, the lead is designed to help less able climbers ride with more accomplished ones.

The Rapha Climbing Lead is made from an advanced blend of silk and kevlar fibres, to create a fabric that has minimal stretch and a translucent finish. It can withstand up to 200kg of load and is connected between the lead rider’s seatpost and the following rider’s handlebars using a patented hook-and-mount system. Both couplings are made from a transparent carbon, making them less visible to the naked eye, and both are lined with double-density tricot fleece to prevent damage to either bike.


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