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Beauty in the Beat.

May 24, 2011

Broke down bikes, Beaters, rat bikes, franken-bikes whatever you want to call them, I am a huge fan and this thread over at LFGSS has a bunch of great stuff. Some may make you shriek, laugh, or even vomit but the fact remains that these bikes are ridden every-single-day so a few chips and scrapes are inevitable!

I love well used track bikes so much that I am going to try and make this a regular post, so if you are the proud owner of a Lamb dressed as Mutton… send it my way!!!

Image sources / Prolls and Prolls.


January 8, 2010

Oh the memories.

Spotted at the great GSGuccilife.

She got another one.

March 30, 2009

I recently bought this frameset back after the friend who I initially sold it to had literally just taken it home and looked at it.

“Perfect” I thought… A nice lightweight frameset for Amy to replace the slightly heavy “Team Pro”, the thing is I was going to paint the Team Pro for Amy anyway but thanks to Kevin this has saved me a job.

Complete with Wine box retro-fitted to the front by me this is the perfect picnic and grocery getting bike and Amy is over the moon. Result.


The Beater project.

March 19, 2009

The lady and I sometimes frequent bars and public houses and in the summer there can be nothing better than getting there by cycle.

I wanted a bike I would feel ok about leaving outside my local without the fear of it being stolen or vandalized, so I set about collating the parts for a ‘beater’.

I had a set of forks acquired from Kris at Ideal, a front wheel, the Rigida I lent to Amy for her “Team Pro”, I had tyres, a stem, bars, pedals and to begin with that was about it.

Last weekend all changed after a visit to the Derby cycle jumble with Hardy and Keiran when I managed to leave with very nearly the entire workings of a basic functioning bicycle, I couldn’t believe it, I got: A new old stock Faggin Pisa road frame, another Rigida DP18 rim for the rear in a funny golden colour, an old Dura Ace road crank, a Triplex aero seatpost and a new old stock “BMX” plastic saddle. Buzzing I was, I had spent hardly any money and managed to get pretty much all the parts to start, and finish the beater bike.

A wheel build and a wrestle with a bottom bracket later ( thanks Dan ) it is complete. I am going to swap out the stem and bar combo for a more traditional drop bar setup but I am just waiting to find a stem for my Cinelli Criteriums ( anyone got a Cinelli stem lying around ? holler ) apart from that the beater bike, the Faggin ( pronounced Fahzheen ) is done.


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