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AITA & Bilenky.

November 29, 2010

Bilenky Cycle Works was founded in Northeastern Philadelphia in 1983 with the goal of meeting the specific needs of the individual cyclist. Stephen Bilenky recognized the need for specially proportioned frames and components for riders of all shapes and sizes, and began creating a range of custom products to answer the outfitting needs of recreational, fitness and utility cyclists from all over the world.

BCW’s philosophy of perfectionism shines through in every bike they build. Their frames can be compared to a bespoke suit, tailored to fit both the rider’s aesthetic and physical needs. Whether it’s waiting four weeks for a retro-fit to come back, or four months for that super-customized nit-picked-over-every-detail dream bike, one ride on a Bilenky bike will prove that it is in a league of its own.

For the month of November, Art in the Age and Bilenky Cycle Works will demonstrate the craft of custom framebuilding. By creating a miniature version of the Bilenky shop within AITA, Stephen Bilenky and his crew will highlight the specific build qualities and artistry that set a Bilenky bicycle apart from the rest. Join us at AITA for a unique behind the scenes look at this rare craft.

Thanks to Dan at AITA for pointing these vids out, they are ace and Stephen Bilenky comes across as such a lovely man!

Via Art in the Age.


Black Steel.

June 1, 2010

Our approach to building bicycles for the Rapha Continental Riders is a reflection of our environment both in terms of riding and in terms of the people, builders and brands local to the Pacific Northwest; Portland in particular. Inspired by the style of riding we’ve come to affectionately, if not with tongue-in-cheek, refer to as Gentlemen’s Racing or Epic’ing. It calls for steel and timeless classics to be lovingly, and with great deliberation, paired with lightweight nano-technology – on these bikes leather and carbon play well, ride heroically and look stunning together.

So good. More here.

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