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Bob Jackson Fork.

May 22, 2009


Boom! Bob Jackson now make and sell a 0 Rake fork perfect for “Barspins” ( their words not mine ) Yo I can see hipsters reaching for their wallets already.

The Alley Cat fork is built with Reynold’s thickest guage blades they offer(1.2/0.7 butt) to give extra strength and is supplied with no Rake or offset.

These look good and for £125 too, which is not a bad price at all although I much prefer the look of a fork with a touch of rake but thats just me.

Swoop here.

Bob Jackson Goodness.

April 8, 2009


Bob Jackson for BLB

January 29, 2009

Just in at Brick Lane Bikes.
Bob Jackson x BLB goodness… complete with Paul components dropouts, a fluted seat tube and a flat crowned fork.

All that for £475 which is not a bad price at all considering what you could pay for something like this.


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