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August 19, 2009

Struggling up some hill on the granny ring somewhere in the Worcestershire countryside yesterday my mind began to wonder… What ‘stuff’ could I really do with right now? Not neccesarilly stuff that I could myself afford but perhaps some ‘stuff’ that should I continue to be a good boy for the rest of the year Santa could potentially bring for me and place neatly under my tree in the early hours on the 25th December. A bit early for C********s I know but what the heck.

So here it is, in no particular order… The ‘stuff’ that would have been nice on yesterday’s 70 mile hit to the Malverns:


Energy bars. To lessen the need to stop so frequently for refueling. The bonk nearly took me twice yesterday… Like a Mirage it was but instead of seeing water all I could see was the following on toast!

Eggs, I like them scrambled. Because that Bicycling Weekly recipe of Porridge, Bananas and Honey once digested lasted me about an hour.


A palm/cycle based GPS system. To prevent future episodes of yesterday’s 20 mile accidental detour. Although Andy, you did a fine job and that piece of paper you had should be framed.


Another water bottle, because two is doubly better than one and more-over I s w e a t ( sorry about that ) so this boy needs water and regularly.


The Rapha lightweight jersey, with a full zip. 1990s heavyweight fluoro polyester with a half zip is really not the one. My upper body felt like a freshly cooked chicken wrapped in cling film.


A sigma Dp-1. Small enough to pack in your jersey pocket but powerful enough to snap the sharpest of shots ( I want one real bad ). Plus I forgot mine!


A Jimi wallet. To stop my banknotes and reciepts getting wet. Sometimes a leather pouch classy as it may be just doesn’t come through with keeping my stash dry.

All that said it was a great day and I am ready to do it again… right after that Santa dude pops over with my loot.

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