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August 26, 2009


“Giant’s Bowery FMX might have been born in the velodrome but it was definitely raised in the BMX world. This fun city steed boasts an aluminum frame and chromoly fork for a light, responsive ride that can take on whatever the urban landscapes has in store for you. This sweet rig is ready for whatever tricks you can throw down, too, with stiff 3-piece chromoly cranks, a BMX-style saddle and a stubby stem with riser bars. And, the fast-rolling 700c wheels with Michelin tires can handle drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping. There’s even a thick wrap around the top tube to protect you as well as this sweet frame while it’s locked up.”

What a load of old blurb that is. The frame is no different to a standard 08 or 09 Bowery… I know because I had one. I mean yes it looks O.K but it is made out of Aluminium for christ’s sake. As the good Samuel Kilburn says on Fixed Gear Leeds… “If Alu was any good they would have made street BMXs out of it” and do they? No.

If this thing is for “drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping” then the material chosen is an error in my opinion.

Oh and Bottle mounts? Just in case you fancy a sip of water while handling the “drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping”… Ha! Oversight.

Via Prolly.

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