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Early Eighties.

February 10, 2011

Peep the winter training on a brakeless fixed gear bike, tough guy! Seen over at Doug Siple’s super, awesome flickr spot.

I have posted on this guy’s photographs and scans before but honestly, he has so, so much good stuff, if you have the time, go trawl.

Fair weather riders overt your eyes

December 8, 2008

Some might say that riding a brakeless track bike in the rain would be no fun, maybe dangerous, wreckless even. Well yes I guess it is dangerous and wreckless to a degree but I am pretty confident! ( touches wood ) However the fun ( given you have a tailwind or no wind at all ) is all there.

I left work on corporation street at 7.15pm tonight and I quite possibly had the best commute home I have ever had during the winter, the water on the roads gives you mad low rolling resistance which equals SPEED and might I add that said water on the roads, that gives you low resistance and SPEED, also gives you the unquestionable permission to skid for the sheer hell of it. It was like being 12 years old, riding my first mountain bike…going as fast as my legs could take me, off the road onto my pals gravel filled driveway. Proceeding to grip the left brake lever as hard as a fat kid would grip a stick of Blackpool rock, subsequently engaging the rear brake caliper creating a semi circle in my mate’s drive (made by a portion of my back tyre), that would perhaps look at home on a football pitch – You can’t but help it.

So tonight I pull up to the lights, jam the back wheel, come up to a corner, jam again and in-between absolutely mash on the pedals. I got a bit wet but its all good, my jacket kept my upper bits warm, my bobbled woolly ski hat kept my dome warm and my 10% spandex black jeans and canvas trainers kept my lower half… well… lets just say clammy.

Brakeless? easy, don’t stop, just go around ( touches wood again… ).

My quickest cycle home to date. Personal Best anyone?
All I am saying is tomorrow come rain or shine I am on the bike, as long as its not windy! Now that’s a whole other story.

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