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L’Eroica 2011. The Flea market [photographs].

October 4, 2011

Day one on Saturday sees the flea market come into town, I say flea market it is a great big cycle jumble in English terms. Stretched out either side of Gaiole’s main road this jumble is big and not only is it big, it is good, very good. Everything you ever needed for your period build and all the accompaniments to go with it can be found here. Even the rarest of the rare is on the tables, it seems that the cream of Italy’s cycle merchandise dealers have landed in Chianti for the day to bless all of the hungry with their wares. You simply do not get a selection this good in the U.K.

I could have bought it all, I really could. Had I gone there with an empty suitcase and a full bank account I surely would have at least grabbed a frame or two, and some wheels, and a groupset and then probably most of the other needed components to build a complete. Instead I bought a Gios T-shirt, I figured I should buy something off them considering how much I was lurking around their stall all day, staring at those beautiful blue frames.

Peep more photographs over at my Flickrspot.

Cannibal Bike specs.

January 16, 2011



November 20, 2009

Just wow.

Previously on this subject.

Seen at Fixed Gear Blog.


November 18, 2009

Is it me or does this look a bit strange… I mean, like what size will the front wheel be?

Via Fixed Gear Blog.

Straight out of Poland.

October 15, 2009


I am liking the look of these hubs, although probably more sans world champ bands but anyway. Quality and build looks great and as I understand it they weigh less than Phils and also cost a bit less too.

– Front low flange (45mm) – 50 Euro
– Rear low flange single fixed (50mm) – 67 Euro
– Rear low flange flip-flop (50mm) – 78
– Front high flange (75mm) – 72 Euro
– Rear high flange single fixed (75mm) – 89 Euro
– Rear high flange (75mm) – 100 Euro

Anodized colors: blue, red, silver, yellow, purple, orange, gold, teal, grey, black, pink, green.

Guarantee – 2 years (excluding bearings).”

Peep Mackhubs.
Via Fixedgearbikes.

BMX back in Birmingham.

May 21, 2009

Remember last week I mentioned plans to rebuild Perry Barr/Great Barr BMX track?


Well a visit yesterday to Ade at Sprocket revealed the news that the rebuild has begun.


Those pictures were taken last week so I am guessing they have gotten quite a bit further by now but anyway well done to all the guys involved, you have done a grand job!… I can’t wait to see it again, that track was sitting there unloved and rotting for far too long.

More info at BMX Talk forum.
Also check Birmingham BMX.

Want to go peep it?… here is the Address.

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