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February 17, 2010

Seriously did you hear that? “Unfair aesthetic advantage”, “erotic geometry”, “psycological doping” and it is banned unless they make the bike “less nice looking”. Are these guys for real?

Here is the bike in question, the Ritte Bosberg. It is real nice, sure it is but Erotic? Please.

If anything would be considered to have an unfair aesthetic advantage it would be this: The Lance x Trek x Damien Hirst Madone with real god-damn butterflies on it. The Bureaucracy!


Thanks Dave for the linky.

Vans x Airblaster.

October 21, 2009


They say:
To accompany their collaborative snowboard boot, Vans and Airblaster got together on a water resistant Era. The “Stay Wild” Era features an all-black upper with a bright pink top eyelet and teal lining alongside Airblaster logo placements. Perfect for those slushy days in the parking lot. Now available at Vans snowboarding retailers.

I say:
Waterproof Vans? Yes. I totally love the idea but guys the execution is awful. Honestly just look at it, flat, long, narrow just awful. Vans can you do this again but in an authentic this time instead of an era? Oh and do something about the profile would you. Thanks.

Via highsnob.

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