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Colnago Sleekness.

June 14, 2010

Right, that’s it. The Olmo is going to Black, or maybe Charcoal. This Colnago looks hot as hell! None drive side photo fail, though guys.



June 14, 2010

As some of you may know I recently acquired a ‘classic’ racing bike, complete with down-tube friction shifters.

Now, my days of friction shifting were over sometime in the 90s when I ditched my bar mounted XT thumbies for the ‘rapid fire’ version of said shifter but I’m now back in the game with my de-indexed Campy Synchro 2s and I’m loving it.

Before I continue I’d like to say: Please don’t get me wrong, a bar/brake lever mounted shifting setup is fantastic. It is very quick, reliable, and you don’t have to move your hands, so for racing bikes ‘rapid fire’ really is the way to go.

Back to friction. For those who do not know, a friction shifter ( usually mounted on the down tube of road bikes ) are mostly non indexed, meaning that there are no ‘notches’ to ‘index’ the gears onto. Therefore one has to do the indexing themselves. To a novice this may sound complicated but with a bit of practice it’s all fun and games.

I actually enjoy friction shifters, they take the hurry and technicality out of something that was and is so simple – The bicycle. A friction shifter trains you to select the appropriate gear at all times because on that climb there should be no shifting, you should be judging your speed and getting your gear right first time, everytime. A friction shifter helps with this.

Field repairs inside ergo levers is a no go, I think you’ll agree? All of those moving parts crammed inside those levers inhibits tampering of anysort. “When will you need to tamper” I hear you cry. Probably never but imagine being stuck, having to turn 80 gear inches with 50km of climbing to go? No thanks. With everything about a friction shifter being external, plus the fact that there is only one moving part ( it ) means the system is practically bombproof. This is why many long distance tourers choose to use this method.

It is not for everyone or every bike. Any more than 7 gears on your racer and I’ts probably about as much use as shifting with your heel as it would become increasingly difficult to maintain an indexed gear for any length of time, given the slimness of the chain and distance between each sprocket. Your chain will be dancing all over your freewheel like a ballet dancer on stage so if you are building a bike with more than 7 gears – go for indexed. I have 6 gears, I have no problems.

On a classic bike friction shifters look, well, perfect. They were meant to be there! I am not saying classic frames with adequate rear spacing look rubbish with ‘ergos’, ‘frictions’ just look better.
Right, so that’s enough from me, I’m off to ride my bike.

For those with indexed campy down tube shifters, here is a great article form tears for gears on how to de-index’ them as I mentioned above. Exactly why I love Campagnolo.

Campy Scan.

June 11, 2010

Olmo Scans.

June 1, 2010

I recently got hold of an Olmo. A 50th anniversary, Columbus tubed, full Chorus Olmo to be exact.

After years of riding bikes that are too small for me I have at last found something that I believe to be perfect for me, but it needs painting. No, really, it does. Despite what is written here I am going to do it as the frame is 1. In a relatively bad way and 2. It’s disgusting, I don’t do 2-tone black and grey with rust spots!

So, I am not sure what colour to go for at this point but here is some great inspiration I found at bulgier.

Next is the tussle between powder, acrylic and enamel. Powder is very cheap, easy but can look a bit ‘flabby’ but then where near to me will do stove enamel? Let the tussle begin.


June 1, 2010

Page 38.

May 28, 2010

Colnago Hotness.

May 13, 2010

The best colour for a Colnago, or is that second best?
Perfection.Spot the whole bike here at speedbicycles.

Raleigh Snaps.

May 11, 2010

So, remember last week I mentioned that I planned to fit some tubular tyres onto my newly purchased wheels? Well, I have only gone and done it! I can also report that: Yes, it is a right bast**d fitting them but I can also report that it is a lot less of a pain in the ass than I first thought.

Happy as Larry I am now, happy as Larry.

Beauty in Mechs.

May 10, 2010


Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Gruppo…

May 10, 2010

… On Ebay.

New-old-stock and never mounted, 24-carat gold plated 50th Anniversary Gruppo!

Starting bid at £1500 with ( as I write ) *10 hours to go. *edit. Went unsold, not sure why!?

Jon’s Bromwich.

May 6, 2010

Jon, my pal sold this, his 1977 Tom Bromwich of Coventry once but due to a non paying punter on teabay he still has it. Not for long though he tells me. He must pass it on to fund his his latest project and oh my is it a project!

Whether or not he sells it though, it’s a beaut.

Raliegh SB 951…

April 30, 2010

…On Ebay.

Buy it Now for only £875! If only.

AIS/RMIT Superbike Hotness.

April 15, 2010

The AIS/RMIT Olympic Superbike is an example of innovation in design and engineering. The opportunity to stretch the limits of bicycle design came in 1996, when the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) changed the rules governing bicycle design to less restrictive specifications. Through some unusual circumstances a project team was drawn from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The resulting bike, the Superbike, allowed many top athletes to break world records.


Ebay Sannino.

April 15, 2010


Shouts to Jeremy for the linky.

Mo Gazelle.

April 8, 2010

Gazelle track hotness! Seen.

Gazelle Champion AB 1986.

April 7, 2010

Very nice build. Spotted.
The same guy also has this, a lovely Gazelle Champion Mondial Track.

Pinarello 1984.

April 6, 2010

Pinarello Super Record. 1984.

Professional road bike from Pinarello, Treviso with Columbus SL framework #I813 finished in candy red metallic. Equipped with Campagnolo Super Record group, Cinelli bar/stem, Mavic SSC tubular rims, 3ttt saddle, etc. Several special finished parts.

Perfection in Burgundy. Lovely. Seen.

Pegoretti Hotness.

April 1, 2010

Campagnolo Crush.

March 30, 2010

Seems that if you’d never heard of Apple Computer (let alone, seen the ‘1984’ commercial, had a PowerBook 100, first-edition iPod, spent thousands on iTunes, etc.) but happened to walk into one of their stores, put your hands on any of their products and started using it, you’d know that they were both different and, in my opinion anyway, better.

Seems like a lot of people feel exactly the same way about Campagnolo and stuff they’ve been making for 70-plus years. Surely Campy is no Apple. They generally deliver late, are rarely consistent in their marketing between their home country and foreign outposts, have made a lot of products that didn’t come anywhere near their mark (Syncro shifting? SGR clipless pedals?) and seem generally inefficient in their business practices. Yet their design, packaging, history of innovation, crispness of marketing, passion for their chosen subject matter, connection to riders and unrivaled race wins definitely inspires the same kind of dedication.

This is a short excerpt from a nice little written piece called ‘A Crush on Campagnolo explained’. Read the rest here.


Colnago 1988.

March 22, 2010

This is the Colnago Carbon Volo from 1988. Yes 1988. Amazing technology for the time me thinks.


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