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Colnago Pista Mexico. In Chrome.

September 11, 2011

Colnago Pista Mexico
Italy, 1975

Professional track bike from Colnago with extralight Columbus framework, with fully chromed “cromato” finish. Campagnolo Record Pista group, Cinelli bar/stem and Arius plastik track saddle. Martano Turbo rims with Clement Seta tubulars.

Zing! What a beaut… and a perfect winter hacker too!

Seen at Speedbicycles.

Lee Cooper and a bling Porteur.

February 2, 2011

Badda Bing!

Well, would you look at this… this is one super blinged out bespoke chrome porteur bike handbuilt by none other than Lee Cooper of Coventry.

He’s now making specialist porteur racks for bikes such as this, too so if you are in the market, make sure you get in-touch with him.

Nice work, Lee. I remember you talking about this but I never imagined it would be this good. Double thumbs up!

Raleigh got a new Fork.

March 23, 2010

Yup, after over a year of looking I managed to find what I was looking for: An undrilled fischer crown track fork with a long enough steerer that was good enough to chrome.


Andre Sabliere.

February 28, 2010

Now this is some serious chromed out hotness!


1980 Colnago Super.

October 16, 2009






Colnago killing me again!

I know summer has gone but you could create your own rays simply by mounting this whip. Around my neighbourhood we like to call this “Blingerz” and yes, always with a Z.

I will post the source next week, right after I post more photographs. Maybe it will be the luscious Bottecchia Equipe or maybe even the magnificent Ciocc San Cristobal! We will see.


September 24, 2009

duell 003

Got my B-Witch bars through today and after a rapid fitting session and a razz around the block I can say that for £35 these are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Not too high like some 5″ risers that are apparently “big in London” and not as low as your more traditional MTB riser, these are perfect for me and my ‘Low Pro’ and they also seem to do a good job at keeping the fatigue away from my shoulders too so win win.

B-Witch risers come with a 5cm rise, 25.4 diameter clamp size and an almost perfect width of 46cm so no need to reach for the hacksaw!

£35 from Tokyo Fixed Gear.

Araya Appreciation.

September 24, 2009




Notorious Briggs.

September 1, 2009



1957 Ellis Briggs Hotness right here I think you will agree.

Chrome forks and tan wall tyres… Aaaaah a man after my own heart!

Chromed out.

July 15, 2009


Brick lane Bikes, the store everybody loves to hate has just got these in. The chrome is the one for me here and also quite a good alternative to anyone looking for and not finding a set of NOS Rigida DP18.

Kevin, perhaps this is what you have been waiting for?


Chromed out.

May 27, 2009

This should cheer Keiran up, after a load of trouble and beef in the process of plating them I got his ( and my ) forks back from the chrome shop yesterday.

Keiran’s forks will be blessing his fully Dura Ace equipped vintage Peugeot racing bike and my forks as you will see finally get to be reunited with their partner.

Call off the search.

May 20, 2009

Yes! Last week I managed to find and grip one of these, an Ilkeston built SBDU Raleigh Track frame in my size!!! Not this exact one but this model and colourway and yes even in the flesh it is still one the best looking frames I ever clapped eyes on and I am super stoked.

I cannot wait to ride it, I just have to wait for my forks to be returned form the chrome shop and then I will be on it.

This ladies and gentlemen will be my summer whip of 2009 and hopefully for many summers to come.

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