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B + W Goodness.

June 3, 2009




A friend of mine alerted me to these cripsy shots of a day cycling in the sun. What I love most about them is the fact that you can actually feel the heat despite the absolute lack of colour.

Kevin Kafesu, my 20 year old work colleague is the man responsible for these and I must say that he has definitely got an eye for a good shot. More to the point since he copped his Bianchi pista a few months back via our work’s cycle incentive scheme he has been on his ride almost daily and although I am not condoning him for it he has taken to brakeless fixed riding like a duck to water.

Well done sir… these pics are the biz.

Check out more of Kevin’s work on his own blogspace – Propperganda

In and around Earlswood.

June 2, 2009


Glenn led Keiran and I out to the lakes at Earlswood last night via a new, more secluded route ( thanks Glenn ) and approx an hour after setting off from Balsall Heath we arrived. It was such a nice ride and quite refreshing too as the cycle we did the day previous was quite strenuous and had me and my legs feeling the fatigue. We got to the lakes and the sun was still high in the sky and still hot as hell so we found a good spot, bedded in and watched the sun slowly go down. After a serious amount of talk about travel, bikes and camp guys who are hard as nails it was time to take a healthy slurp of water and get on our way, just before the falling sun hampered our chances of getting home safely on those long lampless country roads.

Another beautiful evening and I am thinking we should do it again… tonight!

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