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Critical Thrash part deux.

March 26, 2009


Right – this time let’s meet round the side of the library, by the bike racks at, erm, let’s say 4pm, but that’s subject to change. Feel free to bring a bit of booze if you wish, but remember street drinking is banned in Brum, and it’s better to leave the drinking until after the ride…

This one will be a points race. You do not have to visit all of the checkpoints but there will be a time limit. Some checkpoints will be worth more points than others. Penalty for being late, extra points for coming back first, second and third.

The race is also a race for points in teh Brum alleycat league. The points you earn in the race will also count as your points on the league table. Hence, you don’t have to come in the top three to get on the table.

Since there is no prize there is no entry fee, however, entrants may pay an optional pound towards a mystery prize. Obviously, only those who have paid will be eligible to win the prize…

Via Birmingham Fixed Gear Formerly Fix Up Look Sharp.

Regarding the picture: Lee what is wrong with the dudes head? Is it the dayglo nature of the flyer that is giving the poor chap a headache?

Critical Thrash results

March 22, 2009


I am wounded. I could not enter due to work commitments, so you guys are lucky or you would have been dealing with the winner right here! Joke. Next time though seriously, I am absolutely burning to race… so much so that when I do manage to get to an event we could end up with another “too fast and too close” episode. Christ! I hope not. I need to calm my ass down.


For those who love to rip.

March 8, 2009

More details here.

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