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Alfred Letourneur in 2D.

April 26, 2010

November 1906.

November 26, 2009

Spotted at Gucci Life.

Edinburgh ‘Veledrome’

July 21, 2009

Beautiful photographs here spotted at various places around the web but taken from ‘Served’.

I am especially liking photograph number four here as you can see a whole stack of Team Raleigh tracks lined up… My favourite!






The Meadowbank stadium complex in Edinburgh hides its treasure. Removed from the floodlights and stands of the main arena and practice pitches, tucked between council estates and a train track is a building that looks like the changing rooms. This is the Meadowbank velodrome. You have to walk along a wire fence to reach it. Yet to those who aware of it’s existence none of these aesthetics matter as they are all part of the outside world. A tunnel needs to be used to access the inner sanctum. Once inside you are surrounded, literally, by speed, grace and passion. A triple Olympian’s nursery.

It is one of only a few outdoor velodromes left in the UK and contains within its teak boards, blackened by tire rubber over decades, a history that can never be relocated or replaced. It is however due to be demolished. The riders who still use it twice a week to race and train, the parents of the children who are coached to the highest levels of international sport, and the guys who simply care about it too much to even contemplate it not being there are lobbying to keep it. This ongoing project is my attempt to be part of that process. I have ridden there, watched the races and talked for hours with gurus whose knowledge is even older than the teak. I want it to survive because of it’s beauty and by showing this to others is how I hope to help.

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