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Bristol Bespoked. Photographs.

June 12, 2011

There was some great stuff on show, Ricky Feather’s track frame was stunning, as was Donhou’s road bike built for Tim of the Daily cycle and let’s not talk about the Dura Ace equipped Brother track bike. Feather and Donhou were also awarded prizes for best Best track frame and best Utility bike respectively, as voted for by the exhibitors.

All in all a top day with some amazing things to see and also plenty of ideas if you were thinking about a build, which is pretty much me the whole time but sans cash.

Bristol Bespoked
are already calling for exhibitors for 2012 so start pestering your local builder now, so we can see next year’s show being twice as big!

More pics of the day here at my flickrspot.

Hardy’s Ti Enigma.

May 6, 2009


So it is finally built and what a good job Hardy has done with it, That H plus Sons with the gold nipples looks hot to death! According to the man himself it is not quite finished, another H plus Sons on the rear and a set of black Nitto drops will finally put a cap on it. Word up Homie, you have finally succumbed to the aesthetics and benefits of the drops, you won’t regret it.

Yesterday I had a quick razz on the enigma and I can say that it is as stiff and responsive as any bike I have ridden and pretty damn light too although I don’t know how I am feeling about the unorthodox toe clip ( less ) toe straps but if it works for Hardy then I am good with it.

Nice work, now let’s get some miles in.

Hardy’s new frame.

April 17, 2009

Hardy dropped by me yesterday to show off his brand new frame, The very same frame he has been waiting for for what seems a lifetime.

Finally the wait has paid off and here it is. His custom Enigma Titanium track frame. Damn son that frame is tight.

Real nice work Hardy I can’t wait to see it complete and yes, thank goodness they didn’t drill the bridge!


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