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H – A – R – D.

September 16, 2010

Stage one of the Rapha CCC Alps ridden by all. Some fast riders at front, setting a fierce pace. Interesting to see if they are still this competitive in eight days time. Some stragglers at the back, but they should be able to ‘get round’… Some have already gone into survival mode. Could be a long ride…

Read more about this epic adventure here.

The 1910 challenge.

July 20, 2010

What a movie! I have watched this a few times over the weekend and it’s just mystifying how it was possible to do back in 1910. The human really is capable of more than we expect of it.

Well done guys. Truly an epic journey.

Watch the movie here.


December 7, 2009

Cycling across America on fixed gear bicycles is surely no easy task. I can imagine the Knees took an absolute pounding! So much respect to you guys.

I can see 2010 being the year of the fixed ‘mega tour’ ( Mega Tour. That has a real nice ring to it non? ) after such rides as the Fixed Gear London ride to Paris, Mash’s Tour of Cali and the Nabiis Tour de Taiwan.

Points of View.

November 10, 2009







Cycling is sport and transportation and transformation. And cycling is vantage. A position and condition that when combined, offer a Point of View. The position, seated on a bike, slightly bent and pointed forward, is engaged. Moving through time and space at an average speed of 18 miles an hour, engaging the world at just the right speed, the rider experiences great vision, hearing and feeling. Part “zone”, part metaphysical and part synchronicity, the cyclist experiences a powerful Point of View. In the same family as suffering and freedom, this Point of View is one of the fundamental reasons we ride. Riding is fun.

Read more and see more… Rapha.

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