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February 18, 2011

This April sees the return of last year’s smashing success of Rapha’s HOTN ride. Looking forward to this as I missed last year’s event due to a ruined car… said car is now wishing it hadn’t tangled with me, while it sits atop another hunk of metal in the local scrapyard.

Find more details over at Rapha.

Cent Cols Challenge.

September 16, 2009

This man Mike Cotty as well as some other fairly well known cyclists are doing what Joe, Keiran and myself just did. The only difference is that I believe they are aiming to do ( as the title suggests ) 100 Cols in ten days… I guess that equates to 10 Cols per day!? Jesus, good on you guys and godspeed. It makes our 10 Cols in 6 days absolutely pale in comparison!


I was looking forward to the Joux Plane, I’d ridden it from the other side a few years back and on that occasion had the pleasure of a slick descent to Morzine in the wet. Today the weather looked all the better, scattered cloud and sunshine helped lift spirits early on and as we climbed an eerie layer of cloud rolled up from the valley until we broke through. It was at this moment I had my first glimpse of heaven. The lake glistened peacefully at the summit, whispers of cloud and a glimpse of blue behind the mountain range on the horizon. That was all I needed. For me, the job was done. It couldn’t possibly be a bad day.

Follow the Cent Cols challenge here.

Birmingham Summer of Rage.

June 9, 2009

Big up Fin!

This looks like it is going to be a biggun.


16:00 meet outside ideal skate shop.
16:30-18:00 bike polo mash-up. Bring your shin-pads. 3v3 – 3 goals wins or high score after 5 mins.

18:00 Points Race – 10 Check-points across the city centre.
From the start point you will be given a map and one location to go to.
Once you arrive at the first location collect a token. On the back of the token the location of the next checkpoint will be marked.
This continues until you return with all tokens to the start point.
There will be tasks to complete at checkpoint 5 and 10.

19:00 Footdown – Using any means at your disposal, be the last one pedalling.

[Break For drinking etc]

19:30 Grand Prix – Lap race not for the faint of heart.
Start Digbeth high street (just before Milk street) race all the way up and around Camp Hill circus, then bomb it down back to the finish line – Rea street junction.

19:45 Car Park Climb – Moat Lane car park. HTFU. Groups of 4 race to the top. 2 qualify from each stage.

20:15 Pub/Park drinking

Boom! Good looking out for the Points race and the Grand Prix.

Keep up to date with the happenings of Bikezilla… here.


May 29, 2009


More info here.

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