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Dior Amore.

July 15, 2010

This image is awesome. Spotted over at Tracko.

Dovima 1954.

January 25, 2010

10 Deep do cycling gear now?

April 23, 2009


More info here.

Acne x Bianchi

January 1, 2009

Seen at Fixed Gear Blog the Acne collabo with Bianchi.

“Swedish fashion and denim brand Acne has partnered with Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi to create a slick, streamlined collection that is both fashionable and functional.”

This makes my blood boil. They have taken a perfectly good bicycle and painted it… oh and dashed a suede saddle on it. God knows how much they will be asking for these, whatever I reckon they will be way more expensive than a standard Pista which I would prefer any day of the week!

Available this year at Acne stores… Yes folks, that’s Fashion outlets.
Not bicycle shops.

And what’s with the the photographs of the non crank side?


How good it is

December 18, 2008



Josh and Arjun dropped by me today to pick up a seat post that I had forgotten to bring with me. We stood in the rain and talked a little while and got accosted by a drunken fellow wearing a bandana who swore he was the dark knight and that I was Spiderman, after he found someone else to annoy, I gripped the nearest camera and snapped a couple of shots of the two teenagers with the matching paintwork.

After parting with Josh and Arjun I gots to thinking… how good it is to see more and more young folks getting into cycling, actually cycling. I have ridden bikes all my life but mainly BMX and mountain bikes, I only purchased my first road bike 2 years ago. As a teenage from what I can remember everything that concerned me and my bike was dangerous; who could get down Ludlow downhill without falling off? Who would be the first to 360 that brand new set of doubles? Do I have the minerals to atempt that MASSIVE rhythm section? All thrilling and all pretty dangerous.
I find riding fixed wheel different, no doubt it can be a bit dangerous riding on the road amongst all the cars and lunatics, but if you ride safe everything will be just nice. There will be no doubles to jump and no rocks or boulders to dodge.

People say riding fixed wheel is a trend, a fad. So what? So what if it is a trend? People like Josh and Arjun don’t get the bus or drive, they ride, to work or to college. Surely the more people getting into riding bikes around instead of driving cars can only be a good thing.

Be safe Be seen

December 2, 2008

Just in at the New Era Flagship store in Birmingham… 3m reflective 59FIFTYs, all sizes, an assortment of colours, and a wealth of friendly staff ready to fit you into a lid! Pictured here are the 3 examples but aside from these they have them in black and some nifty ‘dog eared’ ones ( by that I dont mean all chewed up and slobbered over ) these have clever flaps on the side to keep your ears all warm when your out on the road. Remember folks… Be safe and Be seen.refect-0071
Get them here

Mighty Healthy Helmet Kids

December 1, 2008

Saw these today over at The candy Store, now Im not sure if I would wear one… I mean, I love riding bikes but I dont know if I could wear the tshirt too? whatever though they look pretty nice so If your feeling em go see Ian and cop one or maybe two… and tell him Spinwell sent you!
mighty healthy t

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