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Dia Compe Anniversary.

September 21, 2009

Kevin aka Veezy my work homie yesterday alerted me to these. He himself is on the lookout for a new wheelset although at three bills ( £300 ) these may just be a little out of his price range!

Sorry Kev.

A rare treat from Dia Compe; The 60th Anniversary Wheelset, only 200 sets built, each one individually numbered. Nice.




Tokyo Fixed Gear.

Christmas present for the wife perhaps?

December 4, 2008

Check it! A Classic Chanel quilted bag with a bike hanging off the back of it… No seriously this really is a Chanel Bicycle and at £6200 it is not cheap, especially being as your mrs/mom/sister/gran wont ride it, they will merely grip the bag off of it and discard the metal tubey bits… Or have it jacked.
Available at your local Chanel Boutique from december

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