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BMX back in Birmingham.

May 21, 2009

Remember last week I mentioned plans to rebuild Perry Barr/Great Barr BMX track?


Well a visit yesterday to Ade at Sprocket revealed the news that the rebuild has begun.


Those pictures were taken last week so I am guessing they have gotten quite a bit further by now but anyway well done to all the guys involved, you have done a grand job!… I can’t wait to see it again, that track was sitting there unloved and rotting for far too long.

More info at BMX Talk forum.
Also check Birmingham BMX.

Want to go peep it?… here is the Address.


May 12, 2009

LS your a genius… If it wasn’t for your comment I would have never found out about this:

I totally used to live minutes away from here, technically it is Perry Barr BMX track too not Great Barr but anyway.

Damn I remember countless nights spent here with my pals Mike, Andy and sometimes even the great “Rat Russell” ( Props to you James wherever you are ).

It is a crying shame about this track though like many. The people in charge of the track from a BMX club that I was unaware of had some money for a refurb so ( without a great deal of planning it seemed ) they went ahead and filled in some doubles and flattened some berms with the idea to make again bigger and better, I myself even hepled out with the ‘refurb’. The problem was though that they didn’t have enough money to finish it ( or so we were told ) so today it still stands unfinished and completely unrideable.

I think it was possibly a council scheme to get kids off the track due to a lack of supervision, you know the usual Health and Safety nonesense.

It seems now that there are plans afoot to return the track to it’s former glory in one way or another, I just found this out via the Birmingham BMX site:
2009 is an important year for Birmingham and BMX because this spring, Birmingham City Council, supported by British Cycling and Sport England, are bidding to host the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships at the NIA. Part of the legacy of the bid is to leave an outdoor international BMX race facility in Perry Park, which will be the home of the Birmingham BMX Club.

Result, I will be checking that site regular as when that building starts I want to be there, wheel barrow and all!

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