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Limiteditions Tees.

April 1, 2010

Benny, long time badman skateboarder and Birmingham resident has just dropped these shirts and I am liking them, especially the white on white script logo ( not pictured ).

He’s keeping it wholesome so only small runs, no mass production and at £25 they are reasonably priced too.

Anyone interested in these fine tees can either purchase from Ideal skates in birmingham or online via Benny himself. For the latter send me a message and I’ll pass on his deets.

Nice work pal, looking forward to seeing them fleshy.

Fixed mag at Ideal.

June 2, 2009

Yes that’s right. A quick voicemail from Kris over at Birmingham’s premium skate store and general hot spot Ideal confirmed that they have a big batch of ‘Fixed’ mags for your reading pleasure. So get yourselves over there and grip a copy.


The perfect riding jeans…

April 8, 2009

… are these Kr3w ‘K Slims’ which I spotted at Ideal the other day.

The reason they are perfect is because of the 10% lycra ( elastine / spandex whatever you want to call it ) contained in them.

I have a similar pair of stretch jeans in black that I wear everyday I ride my bike. I wear them everyday because they are literally the only jeans I can ride in due to their stretchy nature. Anything else just either rips when I attempt to mount my steed or ( if I manage to get on my bike without them ripping ) they would simply prohibit me from getting a decent spin on. So no, normal denim will just not do!

So if you are in the market for a new set of slacks to ride your bike in “Throw off the shackles of standard denim” and get yourself to Ideal.

Ideal got a new site.

March 27, 2009

Birmingham’s finest got a new website.
Go check it out.


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