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January 3, 2011

I havn’t ridden cross in years, and after a chat with my pal Doug over the weekend I am more eager than ever to get a canti equipped bicycle.

Love these photo’s grabbed from my Flickr friend – Ichico.

Black Steel.

June 1, 2010

Our approach to building bicycles for the Rapha Continental Riders is a reflection of our environment both in terms of riding and in terms of the people, builders and brands local to the Pacific Northwest; Portland in particular. Inspired by the style of riding we’ve come to affectionately, if not with tongue-in-cheek, refer to as Gentlemen’s Racing or Epic’ing. It calls for steel and timeless classics to be lovingly, and with great deliberation, paired with lightweight nano-technology – on these bikes leather and carbon play well, ride heroically and look stunning together.

So good. More here.

Club Racer Hotness.

March 12, 2010

The build: Stainless steel King cages, EDGE bars, seatpost, rims and stem, Campagnolo super record gruppo, White Industries hubs, White Brooks saddle, Paul Racer brakes, Challenge Roubaix tubular tires, Honjo stainless steel fenders, Chris King headset, Nitto M-18 rack, and a custom BaileyWorks rack bag, all mounted on a titanium lugged frame with carbon fiber tubes…. and of course a custom IF Club Racer fork.

Absolutely lugtastic! What a beaut this is. The more I see Independent fabrication’s work the more I want to be involved and when I say involved I mean… I want.


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