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Le Coq Sportif and the Leader’s jersey.

October 23, 2011

2012 marks the return of Le coq sportif to the roads of the Tour de France. Next summer to celebrate its 130th anniversary, the brand will be supplying all the leaders jerseys- the yellow jersey, green jersey, the polka dot jersey and white jersey.

More than just a partnership, it is also a choice of the heart, evidence that confirms the commitment of Le coq sportif to cycling yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The 2012 yellow jersey is a subtle blend of authenticity and modernity. It incorporates clean lines, fitted sleeves above the elbow, and a flat sewn collar that mirrors the jersey produced by Le coq sportif for the Tour in 1951. The positioning of the logo is directly inspired by the jersey of the Tour 1972, won for the fourth consecutive year by Eddy Merckx

Looking good guys, Bring on 2012!

Le Coq Sportif. La Returne.

June 16, 2011

Image: Presse photos.

Le Coq Sportif recently announced that they will in 2012 become the official supplier and sponsor of the Tour de France. Le Coq have a solid 40 year history with cycling and Le Tour so it is very much like a long lost brother returning home to his family.

It’ll be great to see the Coq adorning the maillot jaune again and I might also add at this point that the jerseys will be manufactured in, well, in France of course!

More info as it comes.

Thank you LCS!

January 28, 2011

I had this limited edition jersey through the post this morning. Stoked to say the least. Fits well, good choice of fabric and roomy pockets at the rear… lovely.

Keep your eyes on Le Coq Sportif in 2011 – Their commitment to classic cycling continues.

Tommy Simpson.

October 12, 2010

The late, great Tommy Simpson seen here in the most luscious jersey. I love this jersey, wouldn’t it be great if someone could reproduce it? Go on Le Coq, go for it.

Rapha Cross Gear.

September 27, 2010

The start of the cyclocross season is upon us and Rapha have refined and developed cross products to help you charge through the field quickly and comfortably. The Cross Jersey and 3/4 Bibs use performance fabrics and rider-specific features and sport the tricolour of the Rapha-Focus cyclocross team, who will do battle in North America this coming season.

Awesome cyclo cross collection here from Rapha and I must say I am completely loving the colour palette. If only I had the Umbrella today.

Ever since attending the National Cyclo cross Championships early this year in a windy, sodden Sutton Park I have been intrigued. That said, spending more money on yet another bike will not be permitted by the other half so I should stop thinking about it.


Dior Amore.

July 15, 2010

This image is awesome. Spotted over at Tracko.

Roche jersey Hotness.

May 28, 2010

Mash got a new jersey.

May 24, 2010

Yeah, it’s lovely isn’t it? 90s inspired neon hotness! But continuing on with today’s sun induced self indulgence here is a selection of my personal favourite Neon jerseys and for the record, the following jersey that I like to call the ‘Gavatron’ ( because of how it makes me feel when wearing ) is the jersey I like to wear most.

The Gavatron. The best.

Disgusting. Cheap Ebay purchase that is thankfully, too small.

Ace. Another Ebay purchase to go with my Raleigh stash but this one, to my disappointment, was also too small.

Time for a new jersey?

May 17, 2010

This one looks good.

AURORA collective teamed up with MONOW, a one-man design studio based in Stuttgart/Germany. Together we designed 3 unique Bike Jerseys / Riding Jackets.

The Jerseys are made of high quality materials by Champion System. They will move and breath with you, so that you can concentrate on riding your bike.



March 19, 2010

Designed to complement the British Country Jersey, the GB Cap is made from a soft, lightweight technical cotton. Featuring a Union Jack-style stripe down the centre, it is highly water resistant, windproof and extremely breathable. The cap is finished with colour-on-colour Rapha logos and the inside is lined with moisture-wicking anti-bacterial tape. A thick elastic fastener holds the cap in place and the cap has a low enough profile to be worn under a helmet. The cap can be folded into a jersey pocket when not needed.


Keirin Day.

October 16, 2009




Loving these photographs spotted on the Orange20 Flickr spot.

Thanks Hardy for the heads.

The Ultimate.

October 7, 2009

This morning’s ride into work was different.

Different because it was the first morning I really felt the change in the air, that is to say that I had a certain chill run through my bones.

So it is at this time of year that I usually contemplate a ‘Winter Jacket’. Up until this point it would be fair to say that whatever it is be it shoes, coat, shirt, boots whatever… I always seem to just make do with what I have and generally suffer throughout the winter pilling on the layers to try and keep warm and dry.

Not this year. This year I am ‘investing’ in a real, proper cycling jacket that I can count on and one that I will not have to replace next year. That jacket ladies and gentlemen is the Rapha Classic Softshell.


“A thing of beauty,” according to The Times. “The best road jacket money can buy,” said Cycling Plus. This high-performance jacket is designed for tough winter riding.

I have read many, many reviews on jackets over the past few months and the only one that I can settle on and the one that keeps coming up for quality and function time and time again is this one.

Yes it may cost a little more than the rest at £240 but lets put that into context shall we ( if only to make me feel better about placing the order! ) I could quite easily spend that amount of money on a crank or a set of wheels or something similar, some folk spend that amount on a night out on bottles of ‘Cris’ and Moet for christs sake. What I am getting at here is that I can find it quite easy to throw my hard earned money at items that will make my bicycle ‘nicer’ or lighter but I won’t reach into my pocket to pay for an item that will make my winter just that little bit more bearable? Nonsense.

Sometimes it really is worth spending that little bit more on an item that you can truly rely on and more importantly for me an item that will stand the test of time and not look dated in the months and years to come.

There is also something about purchasing off a young company based in the U.K that really appeals to me and I might be talking complete trump here ( please tell me if I am ) but other cycling soft goods companies such as Endura, Altura and the like just don’t have the public ‘face’ that a brand like Rapha do. I know who Rapha are, I can call them up and speak to someone here in the U.K, I can go and watch their team Rapha Condor race professionally if I wish, I can leave a comment on their blogsite and it is all of those kinds of things that make me feel part of something. Something British.

When in france I rode almost exclusivley in Rapha products and I can say hand on heart that not one of the items I wore gave me an ounce of trouble. Every detail was perfect and well thought out, every pocket was where it should be, the fabrics used meant that my body temperature always maintained the right level, there are no garish graphics or logos and the fit is always, always on point. The only single item I wore that gave me a problem were my shorts and they were made by another company so there we have it, you really do get what you pay for.

The Rapha Classic Softshell available now at

All Day I Dream About Spinwell.

September 30, 2009


New Adidas cycling inspired jerseys just dropped over at Birmingham’s finest luxury garms outlet… Atoo.

Unfortunately this is the only image I got sent for these that worked so apologies there. I will endeavour to get better pics today!


August 19, 2009

Struggling up some hill on the granny ring somewhere in the Worcestershire countryside yesterday my mind began to wonder… What ‘stuff’ could I really do with right now? Not neccesarilly stuff that I could myself afford but perhaps some ‘stuff’ that should I continue to be a good boy for the rest of the year Santa could potentially bring for me and place neatly under my tree in the early hours on the 25th December. A bit early for C********s I know but what the heck.

So here it is, in no particular order… The ‘stuff’ that would have been nice on yesterday’s 70 mile hit to the Malverns:


Energy bars. To lessen the need to stop so frequently for refueling. The bonk nearly took me twice yesterday… Like a Mirage it was but instead of seeing water all I could see was the following on toast!

Eggs, I like them scrambled. Because that Bicycling Weekly recipe of Porridge, Bananas and Honey once digested lasted me about an hour.


A palm/cycle based GPS system. To prevent future episodes of yesterday’s 20 mile accidental detour. Although Andy, you did a fine job and that piece of paper you had should be framed.


Another water bottle, because two is doubly better than one and more-over I s w e a t ( sorry about that ) so this boy needs water and regularly.


The Rapha lightweight jersey, with a full zip. 1990s heavyweight fluoro polyester with a half zip is really not the one. My upper body felt like a freshly cooked chicken wrapped in cling film.


A sigma Dp-1. Small enough to pack in your jersey pocket but powerful enough to snap the sharpest of shots ( I want one real bad ). Plus I forgot mine!


A Jimi wallet. To stop my banknotes and reciepts getting wet. Sometimes a leather pouch classy as it may be just doesn’t come through with keeping my stash dry.

All that said it was a great day and I am ready to do it again… right after that Santa dude pops over with my loot.

Not for sale…

June 22, 2009

… But if it was I would definitely buy one. Kris where you at!?


Seen at Arkitip.

House Industries.

April 14, 2009

House Industries, purveyors of some fine fonts, graphic design and not to mention the odd fine t-shirt have just launched this…

The House Script Cycle Jersey.


Also loving this, what I believe to be the Script Jersey in proto form… Absolutely feeling the Molteni colourway here, and I would do almost anything for that dudes Molteni World Champ combo!


Last but not least is this super nice print… damn these House Industries cats have got it going on!


Vintage Cycle Jersey Collection

February 5, 2009

I have been looking for a nice woolen jersey to go underneath my jacket for a while, as wearing a cotton t-shirt was becoming insufficient.

I find the problem with jerseys is they fit too damn tight… and yes I know they are meant to but I come from the school of Hip Hop so when it comes to t-shirts and jumpers I am reaching for the XL.
Little did I know that a good quality vintage cycle shirt in an XL is quite rare.

After scouring Ebay and various shops looking for the ‘right one’ I got a call off Frank from Urban Village ( Birmingham’s finest dealer in all things vintage ) saying he had just had a big delivery of jerseys in from Belgium… so I went over last week and took a peep.


I have been after one of those Brooklyn chewing gum jerseys for a while and I thought I had got my mitts on one until I tried it on, too small.
I am not even that big!

I did manage to get one in the end and I love it.
The problem is now I have found one, I need another.

Peep more like these at his stall at the Custard Factory flea market every Sunday.

The Hundreds cycle sweater

December 13, 2008

I need this.
From the Hundreds.


Two pockets on the back
Vented armpits
Ghetto gloves

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