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Modolo Hotness.

September 28, 2010

Trek Speed Concept.

May 28, 2010

I spotted this Trek, this morning and after reading some Trek written spiel it’s advantages I promptly gave up reading anymore. It was all a little bit too much “wind tunnel” talk for me. I then saw this great comment on Bike radar from one Mr Igamogam, which read:

Personally, I think the UCI should take a new tack and abandon the TT bike. All the recent efforts to make bikes more “marketable and rideadable” are silly if you continue to allow TT specific bikes. To ordinary cyclists the development of TT bikes has reached a stage where there is very little useful benefit. The whole concept of the specialised TT rig encourages a technological arms race which is to say the least a little bizarre. It’s no longer about the rider but the bike…

If riders had to ride their normal RR bikes with no aero helmets or tri-bars it would make very little difference to who would win the TTs (it would still be the best “testers” – but slower times) but at least the machines would have some similarity to normal bikes.

The setting of the “athlete”s record for the hour was an opportunity to mark a return to normal bikes for TTs but it was frittered away by the UCI. Perhaps it’s time to step back and let riders race on bikes not cut down formula one cars?

Such a great point.
Read more on the Trek.


December 9, 2009

Another product that I like the look of yet have no information on. Man I could seriously do with a few lessons in the Japanese language. Actually I should really try and master my own first!

Kao Stem seen at Pedal Consumption.

Cranks anyone?

December 4, 2009

For £65.00 these look pretty good. Although I have not seen the quality of the machining at the back of these cranks I’d say for if you are in the market for a set of ‘budget’ cranks you need not look any further.

Track standard 144BCD, fully machined chain ring available in one size – 1 1/8 x 48t and 165 arms. Done!

They say:
A brand new design for 2010, made for strength and durability but also featuring stunning good looks that are found on every Pro-Lite part. Known for exceptional longevity, 6061-T6 alloy is perfect for handling all the abuse your track-trained legs will pump through this critical link to your drive train. This can give you peace of mind when you need to put the power down and don’t need to be worrying about your equipment.

Grip at Chain Reaction Cycles.

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