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New Era Hotness.

May 5, 2009

For those that know me you will know that due to my lack of living follicles atop my head I tend to wear a cap most of the time as that is a better look for me than what I like to call “the Fryer Tuck.”

This cap is what I have ben looking for, a kind of ‘cool’ version of the cycling cap. Short visor, flexible bucrum and a snap back… Perfect! Well it would be if it was available outside Japan.


Lucky for me I work for the comapny who produces this cap and a quick email has snagged me one of these babies. Yesss!

The New Era Cycling Club Cometh.

April 10, 2009

This ladies and gentlemen is the product of Cyclescheme.


Myself and my assistant have hassled our bosses so much that they caved in and signed up and thanks to them and the ( not always ) helpful staff off Evans cycles Sonia pictured here is now the proud owner of a Pashley Princess.

I asked Sonia this morning how she is finding her new ride, her answer was “Look, it has a pump on it and I don’t even know how to use it” bless her.

Following Sonia is Dan who is awaiting his Fuji track, Kevin awaits his Bianchi Pista, Matt should recieve his Fit bike co BMX someday now, Charlene has ordered her Specialized single speed and Jack is simply getting “the cheapest single speed he can get on part time wages”. Then there is me… I already own too many bikes and bits but the lure of a 40% discount is drawing me towards a geared road bike ( see “Going up is easy” ). All I have to do now is choose one! Given the fact that I am terribly fickle this decision process could be a tough one.

All Hail the New Era Flagship Store Cycling Club!

New Era ‘Umpire’ 505

December 15, 2008

Off fames which is unfortunately a website displayed in a language I cannot understand.
The New Era Mackdaddy Umpire 505.
Not technically a cycling cap but I reckon it would do the job just nice.

This is quite possibly the baddest cap I have ever seen up to this point.


Nemesis Project x Disney Bloc 28 BMX

December 6, 2008

For a better part of this year, Brad from bike crafter Nemesis Project has been hard at work with the folks over at Disney BLOC 28 in creating a special unit, largely based on the Disney’s first star – Mickey Mouse. Featuring Mickey’s color schemes of black, red, and yellow with details like laser-etched “Mickey’s Cross Gloves” patterns on the seat post and chainstay spreader as well as a custom made quilted seat. Along with the visual details, the Nemesis Project x Disney BLOC 28 – BMX Cruiser also incudes some of the best components on the market:

– NOS Gum Wall 24″ Tioga Comp III (3)
– Skyway Tuff Wheels
– Macneil BMX Conjoined Cranks (custom made & powder coated)
– DUO Grips,
– FLY Bikes Brakes and Headset
– Animal Pivotal Post
– Profile Seat Clamp
– Spanish BB Spacer Kit

The bike made its official debut on Monday, November 10th at a special launch event in in Downtown Los Angeles… So get on Ebay!
From Freshnessmag

Also check these Bloc 28 x New Era fitteds.
I like this…bloc28-fitted-baseball-cap-newera-59fifty_3
and this…

Be safe Be seen

December 2, 2008

Just in at the New Era Flagship store in Birmingham… 3m reflective 59FIFTYs, all sizes, an assortment of colours, and a wealth of friendly staff ready to fit you into a lid! Pictured here are the 3 examples but aside from these they have them in black and some nifty ‘dog eared’ ones ( by that I dont mean all chewed up and slobbered over ) these have clever flaps on the side to keep your ears all warm when your out on the road. Remember folks… Be safe and Be seen.refect-0071
Get them here

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