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Detail Feather.

November 10, 2010

See this bike in full effect right here at Feather. Peep the curvy tubes and high polished lugset… Hetchins eat your heart out!

Nice work Ricky.


March 15, 2010

it’s definitely a budget thing, because all of us have financial restrictions, whatever those might be; when it comes to choosing a new bicycle, there’s always a notional amount beyond which it is not wise to go, a limit either self-imposed, or imposed upon us by a partner who really can’t see why it is necessary to own more than one bicycle. just as an aside, I do have a certain sympathy with this, because it cannot be denied that the colnago has been sorely neglected since the cielo turned up (though I have told it that it is still loved as much as ever). I can only ride one at a time, review machines notwithstanding, and i figure most riders are the same, though I can see exceptions being made for those who need both road and cyclocross, and maybe mountain bikes, though i’m inclined to discount the latter option. just because I can.

An excerpt taken from the Washing machine post’s recent piece on the differences between cheaper and more expensive racing bicycle purchases. To spend more or to spend less?

A real interesting read. More here.

Pain in the foot.

January 12, 2010

I have always sworn by clips and straps. Always. Two sets of nylon straps and a doubler is like a match made in heaven for retainers. Of late however the aforementioned coupling has been giving my plates of meat no end of gyp. It is obviously down to wearing canvas shoes in the cold and wet so now it is time for a change… I need the option to wear a ‘bigger’ more padded and more waterproofed shoe. So I need a retainer solution that is cheap and durable.

In steps my pal Hardy with his sewing skills.

These are going on today so as soon as I have chance to rip them around a bit I’ll update on how I get on but by the looks of them they are going to be just the ticket.

Cheers Hardysan, loving the buckles!

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