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Newport Nocturne.

August 5, 2010

The night riders are back in town! Britain’s brightest and best cycle race gets back on the road in Newport, Shropshire, on Saturday September 4th. It’s the return of the original and best floodlit bike race in the country.

About 14,000 spectators have lined the barriers for previous versions of the race. It evolved from the classic Davies & Jeggo Motors Road Race, which brought all the top professionals to Newport for two decades. It was the British professional championship in its final three years as a long-distance event before promoter Michael Jeggo hit on the idea of putting it on as a Nocturne.

The riders snake through the little market town under a combination of streetlights and industrial floodlighting brought in especially for the occasion. They power up the cobbled St Mary’s Street each lap, cheered by the most-knowledgeable crowd in cycling.

Gutted I am, I’d love to reach this but I can’t as I’ll probably be in France again for the annual alpine adventure with the Spinwell Factory racing team.

Never mind, I should be back in time to catch stage three of the ToB. Better than nothing I suppose.

Thanks Carl for the linkywinky.

Rollapaluza record Smashed by me.

June 18, 2010

Ha! Not quite. As you can see I did not even come close to ‘smashing’ the record of 17.90 seconds held by Matt Crampton. Yes that’s right 17.90 seconds. That’s 100.6 kmh and 4 pedal revolutons per second!!! Shiiit.

Birmingham’s own Sam Hill got top spot at yesterday’s session down the Bullring, beating me by .5 of a second so well done Sam, good lad. Can’t wait for the return… Nocturne series? bring it.

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