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Fixed bits at OYB

February 13, 2009

Dan at On Your Bike alerted me to the fact that today they had a delivery of a few fixed and singlespeed bits.

Among the goodies are
SRAM cranks, Halo coloured tyres, cogs, nos rims and hubs. Soon enough we’ll have Primato and System ex hubs, Miche cranks, Truvativ omniums, shortly stocking Charge bikes, Surly etc etc.

So this is just the first batch of stuff in at OYB but Dan assures me that going forward ( that’s managers talk for in the future ) they will get more and more parts and if there is a high enough demand for other, more niche products they can get hold of them too… so kids please, leave Fleabay alone and try as much as you can to support your local store because if we don’t they will simply go out of business.

Imagine having to wait 2 days for an inner tube to be delivered, or going into Halfords ( The Man ) to grip your goods. That place is like Tesco with Bikes and Stereos… and Car mats. No thanks.

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