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So I went down Polo…

June 17, 2010

… didn’t play but I did take a couple of snaps.

My ‘sports’ photography needs a lot of work so apologies for the lack of action shots here guys. Next time I’ll do better, promise. Actually f**k that, my picture of the Pollard with the ‘wommed’ wheel is ace!!!

If you would like a blast at polo ( you really should, it’s hella fun ) feel free to join the Black Stabbath Polo club ( great name ) every wednesday at Calthorpe park in highgate from 6.30 pm onwards.

For more info check out the LFGSS page.

Birmingham Small Arms.

February 17, 2010

I wish our humble city still had some good industry to speak of but alas it seems there is now nothing left. Quite saddening really.

Path racer goodness spotted here.
Originally seen at Prolly.

Major Nichols.

May 21, 2009


Now I could have attempted to write a piece on this original Birmingham based ‘master’ framebuilder but my effort would not have been nearly as good as it needed to be so I will let the pros ‘do the talking’.

Classic lightweights on Major Nichols.
Black Country Society on Major Nichols.

By the way can I just mention how good it is to see the word Smethwick written so proudly on that crest. I love it and a ‘Major Nichols’ must surely go on my shopping list for the future.

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