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LCS and The London open.

August 8, 2011

This summer, French sportswear brand le coq sportif became an official sponsor of the London Open 2011 Bike Polo event. The tournament took place from Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st July on Hackney Downs, East London.

Bike polo players from around the World battled it out over the two day event. The tournament, which follows the European and World Championship tour, proved to be an exciting finish to the season. A total of 52 teams, each consisting of three players, competed in the London Open 2011. But it was the German team “Supersonic” who dominated in the final, against “Call me Daddy” and went on to win the much anticipated final on the Sunday evening.

As an official sponsor of the London Open 2011 Bike Polo event, le coq sportif was on site to showcase a selection of L’Eroica Cycling jerseys and vintage imagery from past cycling events, including the Tour de France and L’Eroica Cycle Race, within a le coq sportif area, celebrating the brands rich heritage in cycling and deep French roots. A le coq sportif pétanque pit proved popular with not only the 1,400 strong crowd of spectators who enjoyed experiencing the much loved French game of Boules, dating back to the 1900’s, but also the players who were in need of a well earned break in between games. A seated area, complete with deck chairs and a parasol provided a retreat away from the heat, as temperatures sored over the weekend.

Le coq sportif’s commitment to cycling continues.

Le Coq and the London open.

July 20, 2011

This summer, iconic French sportswear brand Le coq sportif shall become an official sponsor of the London Open 2011 Bike Polo event. The event shall take place from Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st July on Hackney Downs, East London.

Bike polo players from around the World are invited to compete at the tournament which follows the European and World Championship tour and is the final event of the summer. Around 60 teams are expected to compete at the London Open 2011.

As an official sponsor, le coq sportif shall be showcasing a selection of L’Eroica product and vintage imagery from past cycling events within a le coq sportif area, celebrating the brands rich heritage in cycling and deep French roots. Outside, a le coq sportif pétanque court will be found along with a seated area, where event supporters are able to either relax or participate in mini games of the much loved French game of boules, which originated in Southern France back in the early 1900’s.

Last year’s bike polo event was attended by over 1,000 people, including players, supporters and families, local residents and passer-by’s. This year’s attendance is set to rise as the site increases to hold three purpose-built polo courts, marquees, a family and spectator picnic area, a range of food stalls, a secure locked bike area and referee stands.

Like bike polo? Get involved. I’m sure the Birmingham teams will be in full effect! Work permitting I’ll be there at the side lines armed with an air horn and a big set of lungs.

Le Coq Sportif.

London Hardcourt bike polo association.
Birmingham bike polo.

So I went down Polo…

June 17, 2010

… didn’t play but I did take a couple of snaps.

My ‘sports’ photography needs a lot of work so apologies for the lack of action shots here guys. Next time I’ll do better, promise. Actually f**k that, my picture of the Pollard with the ‘wommed’ wheel is ace!!!

If you would like a blast at polo ( you really should, it’s hella fun ) feel free to join the Black Stabbath Polo club ( great name ) every wednesday at Calthorpe park in highgate from 6.30 pm onwards.

For more info check out the LFGSS page.


October 22, 2009


We know many of you have been ripping apart the internets looking for this frame.

Some of you wanted it so bad you got builders to make it for you.

It’s been since 2004 that we’ve been real life testing this frame, a head on collision with a car, winters, hundreds of drop offs and pick ups, pot holes, bike polo, multiple cities, tens of alleycats and Cycle Messenger Championships all around the world.

And, they all survived. 5 years of testing gave us a lot of time for perfecting the design.

Which we did, new drop outs, new geometry, and a few other goodies.

So we feel they are ready to take the title of the strongest work bikes in the world.
Finally, a Track Frame designed to survive in the concrete maze.

Liking the look of these frames and the first 15 orders get one at a special price too.

Tenfour via Pedalconsumption.

Bike Polo.

July 14, 2009

Tomorrow night.


Fin, the man who has single handedly brought Bike Polo to Birmingham has set up a regular game, commencing every Wednesday at 6.20pm at Calthopre Park, just off the Pershore road.

I believe he has all the gear you need ( Mallets ) so you can just turn with your whip and get involved.

If you have the time and have never tried polo you really must give it a go as it may just be the most fun you could possible have on a bike whilst waving a stick about.

Go here for updates.

Brooks x EHBPC London.

July 9, 2009


The Swift EHBPC London is a limited edition of 250 saddles, featuring blue leather top and the impressed logo of the first European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships held in London in 2009.

This saddle is part of the COLOURED LTD EDITION saddles made to support a series of events Brooks sponsor.

I have never been the biggest fan of Brooks saddles, however I do love what they do and I also love the fact that are based in my home town so big ups for Birmingham heritage!

Via Brooks.


July 8, 2009

So I have managed to keep Kev awake long enough to squeeze a few pics out of him from last weekends Bikezilla event.

wedding (7 of 7)

wedding (3 of 7)

wedding (1 of 7)

wedding (7 of 7)

Gutted I missed this one as I hear that it was great and I can also see from various other pics flying around the net that the turn out was good too so a very well done goes out to Fin.

Kevin… if you are reading this, get on the rest pal, these are some fine pics and we need to see more!

Also Keep em peeled for Bikezilla Round 2.

Birmingham Summer of Rage.

June 9, 2009

Big up Fin!

This looks like it is going to be a biggun.


16:00 meet outside ideal skate shop.
16:30-18:00 bike polo mash-up. Bring your shin-pads. 3v3 – 3 goals wins or high score after 5 mins.

18:00 Points Race – 10 Check-points across the city centre.
From the start point you will be given a map and one location to go to.
Once you arrive at the first location collect a token. On the back of the token the location of the next checkpoint will be marked.
This continues until you return with all tokens to the start point.
There will be tasks to complete at checkpoint 5 and 10.

19:00 Footdown – Using any means at your disposal, be the last one pedalling.

[Break For drinking etc]

19:30 Grand Prix – Lap race not for the faint of heart.
Start Digbeth high street (just before Milk street) race all the way up and around Camp Hill circus, then bomb it down back to the finish line – Rea street junction.

19:45 Car Park Climb – Moat Lane car park. HTFU. Groups of 4 race to the top. 2 qualify from each stage.

20:15 Pub/Park drinking

Boom! Good looking out for the Points race and the Grand Prix.

Keep up to date with the happenings of Bikezilla… here.

Love this flyer.

June 5, 2009


“The first annual European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship takes place on the 1st and 2nd of August. The championship includes 40 teams battling it out to be crowned the best bike polo team in Europe. These teams are the best of Europe, representing Barcelona, Catania, Glasgow, Stockholm, three cities from France, three cities from Germany, and four cities from England. There are currently 6 spots left if you would like to enter a team. We cordially invite everyone to come and watch the world-class play and see who takes the glory. For more details… ehbpc.


May 18, 2009

Eero, the new rim from H Plus Son is a deep section rim designed to take abuse. Expect the same high quality workmanship you find on Formation Face and SL42.

So as Velocity release the B43 and the Chukker H+Son are soon to release the Eero. Now I know nothing about this rim other than what is written up there but I have no doubt that this rim will be hella strong and hella swish.

More info soon.

Velocity Wide Vs.

April 7, 2009

After many folks who ride 700cmx had smashed their rims doing grinds, gaps, and 180s the call was to get Velocity to bring something a little beefier, a little wider.

Here it is, the Velocity Chukker. at 2mm wider than a standard Deep V those people intent on doing bunny hops down sets of stairs need fear not as finally they can put on those 700x35c tyres they have been itching to and hopefully gain more bounce for their ounce.


Bike Polo in Birmingham

January 6, 2009

Selly Oak this Sunday. I’m going.
Mallet supplied too so just bring yourself and your whip.


Directions here

Polo anyone?

December 11, 2008

Sent to me this morning via electronic mail…

How do you feel about cycling?
How much do you enjoy hitting things with sticks?
Ever thought about how fun it would be to combine them?

Come play bike polo this weekend – 2pm Sat 13th Dec. The Westbury Centre, Westlea Road, Royal Leamington Spa (close to Lem station). Map attached.

No skills, or mallets required, just bring a bike.
And don’t worry about what sort of bike you have; fixes, shoppers, mountain bikes and tourers welcome (but maybe not that new carbon fibre racer…?)
And don’t worry if you think you might be crap, its for fun!
And feel free to bring any friends who might like it.

Check out the London folk for inspiration and rules londonbikepolo

Hope to see some of you Sat!


Lemington is only a short train journey away and all you need is yourself and your bike so get onboard folks and get involved!
For more info email amy here

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