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Tub Curses.

October 26, 2010

Curse No.1
Jon was over, my pal and I was too busy wrestling his gear cable out of his ergo shifter to remember the auction I had ending at roughly 8 oclock. After a quick panic, some frantic typing and with 50 seconds remaining I tapped my figure in and bid. Or so I thought, I was not logged in. So, that beautiful set of handbuilt lightweight tubular racing wheels that were to be mine, went to someone else, for considerably less than I would have offered. A carefully selected bunch of swear words later and some european style hand gesturing I calmed down and forgot about it, that was until the following morning…

Curse No.2
Out of bed and ready for work I peep out of my window and the weather was OK for my daily commute so I thought I’d take my new, mid 80s time trial bike out, the exact bike that the previous evening’s misbid was for. Yes, it has wheels on it already but they have really seen better days, the rear tub has a bulge at the valve so I feel like I am riding on an egg and the front, well let’s just say it’s a bit crusty. You can see where this is going… Exactly halfway to my destination and it’s raining, not too bad, my jacket will take care of that. Next though, the sound of rotating air exiting a tyre made it’s way up to my ears. Bo**ocks, I havn’t had a flat in so long, I suppose it had to come sooner or later though right? I just wish it didn’t come today! What followed was an hour’s walk to work in the rain wearing carbon soled shoes with cleats attached. Awful.

I figure me missing that bid last night and my puncture this morning is the gods telling me something and I’m listening. Tubular tyres do have a romance that wired tyres do not, they mostly work better in practice and certainly look better but on my walk home tonight, bike being pushed with my right hand I shall care not of any of these things.

All hail the clincher.

Sunday morning Necessities.

June 7, 2010

Home made leather pouch.
Jimi Wallet.
Mini Pump.
Tyre levers ( 4 year old Pedros’, the best I have ever used ).
Mini tool kit.
Pu****re repair kit.

Last night.

June 5, 2009

I got a puncture.




I wouldn’t usually blog this type of stuff but the thing is, I never get punctures, not like this anyway. Sure I have slow ones where I go to get my bike for work and realise the tyres have no air in them but out on the road, no.
It was only the other day I was talking with pals about how you should never talk about punctures and there we were, talking about punctures. Someone once asked me the question… “Do you get many punctures on that?” the answer to that was “don’t ask me” it would be like asking a car driver “do you have many crashes in that?”

So guys, our payment for talking about them was for me to get one so in future please adhere to the following:

The first and only rule about punctures, never talk about them.

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