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Conventional Vs Non-Conventional

March 25, 2009

Welcome guest blogger Kevin Kafesu.

Hand built, Forkless, chopper

Completely impractical and yet utterly beautiful, Forkless is a completely scratch-built custom chopper with, you’ve guessed it, no forks. The steering is done via a series of linked rods running around the frame from the handlebars to the front hub (reclaimed from a wheelchair).

Chopperolli, the artist/engineer behind Forkless, has posted a Making Of photo essay on the Ratrod Bikes forums. The highlights: The rims came from a moped and had to be drilled to take more spokes, the rear hub is a modified-coaster brake hub which now only rest on a single fork (what is a single fork called? A tine?) and to keep the whole bike pure white, Chopperolli even hand carved new rubber inserts for the pedals.

Apparently the bike rides pretty well. The steering is probably a little fluffy, but this isn’t a road racer. It’s a pimped-out cruiser.

Via Wired Magazine

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