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One or the other.

July 5, 2011

You may or may not know that a few months ago I sold my ‘modern’ road bike, a Pinarello FP1. It was a lovely bike and we mostly got on well, it carried me over some miles and up a good few solid climbs, including the Galibier so I can’t grumble but towards the end of our relationship it’s fair to say that we fell out of love with each other for one reason or another. Which leads me to where I am at now… Sans bike. Well Sans bike with modern componentry anyway.

A while back I wrote about my love for the friction shifter, that love still remains BUT I have some things planned for the future in the way of big rides and I’v come to the conclusion that my 13-18 racing block and downtube shifting on my one remaining road steed isn’t cutting it. I need something, but I’m torn. Torn to pieces.

Here is the dilemma: I have a bike, it fits me and it looks good but the hardware needs updating. Do I go ahead and buy a modern gruppo for it and have it turn out like this absolute beauty:

Or do I buy a completely new bike? A Canyon. These bikes are totally ‘badass’ and great value too. I’d buy one of these – A Canyon Roadlite 7.0 with full Ultegra:

With the first option I’d probably save a bit of money and get to make the BRH look and perform much better but the latter option will make things just that little more ‘pro’. You can see my dilemma, right?

Right now I think I’m buying a gruppo but seriously, that could change at any moment. If Gilbert wins again aboard his Canyon I’m in trouble.

Oh and by the way, who’s owns the Cecil Walker?
Edit. Found at Prolls.

Bavaria. K Young photographs.

May 19, 2011

Kieran Young is now out for the summer touring with Rapha and their mobile cycle club and as you can see on the video below he’s currently out in the Schwarzwald having an absolute blast. What a way to spend the summer, man!

Great to see the Very Well T still looking hard, too!

Something for the weekend.

March 5, 2010

Yes, literally something for you to do this weekend should you have good weather, a bicycle and perhaps some good legs underneath you.

I discovered the Bikely website a few weeks back when looking for decent 100k+ routes near to me. It’s great ( and apologies if you already know about Bikely ), you just tap in roughly where it is you live and the distance you want to go and it throws up a plentiful supply of great routes that others have done ( and uploaded for you ).

It also gives you some pointers as to how difficult your chosen route may be, perhaps what fitness level of rider is needed and also the kind of road you will be travelling on. So if, like me you are adverse to riding single file on A roads that appear up close to be more like motorways then you are in luck.

So Instead of planning my own routes and probably getting lost on the way ( A la birmingham to Malvern circa summer 2009 ) I use Bikely and this coming Sunday you may well find me somewhere around this.

Whether you want a quick hour long fixed ride in the country or a 6 hour, 200k, border crossing monster you will find it all here at Bikely.

Rapha Top 10.

January 11, 2010

Read all about the great things that Rapha plans to do this coming year… Here.


December 7, 2009

Cycling across America on fixed gear bicycles is surely no easy task. I can imagine the Knees took an absolute pounding! So much respect to you guys.

I can see 2010 being the year of the fixed ‘mega tour’ ( Mega Tour. That has a real nice ring to it non? ) after such rides as the Fixed Gear London ride to Paris, Mash’s Tour of Cali and the Nabiis Tour de Taiwan.

Points of View.

November 10, 2009







Cycling is sport and transportation and transformation. And cycling is vantage. A position and condition that when combined, offer a Point of View. The position, seated on a bike, slightly bent and pointed forward, is engaged. Moving through time and space at an average speed of 18 miles an hour, engaging the world at just the right speed, the rider experiences great vision, hearing and feeling. Part “zone”, part metaphysical and part synchronicity, the cyclist experiences a powerful Point of View. In the same family as suffering and freedom, this Point of View is one of the fundamental reasons we ride. Riding is fun.

Read more and see more… Rapha.

London to Paris

October 12, 2009

Massan at 1m 45s – I hate using these abbreviations but I LMFAO!

Specialized ride to Vegas.

October 12, 2009





It’s not light yet. There’s a breeze stirring the trees above Furnace Creek and a couple of sleepy crows are cawing halfheartedly about the coming day. They’d be wearing black again, a bad choice in one of the hottest places on earth. Much to my delight the Specialized peloton would be back in pink.

A real nice write up this, well worth a read and the photography is absolutely on point.

Rapha x L’Eroica.

October 8, 2009






Nice images. My favourite and the one that made me chuckle was the last photograph… The gentleman in the line up of Black jerseys who has the Black Wayfarers on looks like someone I would like to converse with as anyone who enjoys a post ride cigarette is OK in my book.

Via the Rapha Flickr.

Cent Cols Challenge.

September 16, 2009

This man Mike Cotty as well as some other fairly well known cyclists are doing what Joe, Keiran and myself just did. The only difference is that I believe they are aiming to do ( as the title suggests ) 100 Cols in ten days… I guess that equates to 10 Cols per day!? Jesus, good on you guys and godspeed. It makes our 10 Cols in 6 days absolutely pale in comparison!


I was looking forward to the Joux Plane, I’d ridden it from the other side a few years back and on that occasion had the pleasure of a slick descent to Morzine in the wet. Today the weather looked all the better, scattered cloud and sunshine helped lift spirits early on and as we climbed an eerie layer of cloud rolled up from the valley until we broke through. It was at this moment I had my first glimpse of heaven. The lake glistened peacefully at the summit, whispers of cloud and a glimpse of blue behind the mountain range on the horizon. That was all I needed. For me, the job was done. It couldn’t possibly be a bad day.

Follow the Cent Cols challenge here.

Rapha Boise.

September 2, 2009




150 miles.
One hundred and fifty miles.
No matter how you say it or write it, 150 miles is a long day on the bike, especially with 12,000 feet of climbing attached to it.

Boise, Idaho, was the last ride of the Rapha Continental summer tour, and after riding more than 3,000 miles in the past few months, this “last” ride is both a welcomed and melancholy end. When you get into the rhythm of riding back-to-back-to-back and traveling together, it’s difficult to imagine the end and a return to the realities of riding amidst the pressures of work, family and so on. I’m sure it’s the same way the pros feel the last day of a Grand Tour, where that last stage is a double-edged sword— on one side relieved that the race is soon to be over and the other side wishing for it to continue to go on. Your body and mind become accustomed to the hours, the pain and the beauty, so to end is a bit of a shock.

To celebrate the finale, Greg Johnson who started the first section of the tour back in May out of Austin, TX, returned. Aaron Erbeck, who rode the Midwest portion in June also made the trip. We were 16 strong, with our two hosts Bret and Jason, Dave Christenson – our cinematographer, Jason a friend from Seattle, a handful of locals, and nine Continental riders. It was going to be a good long hard day.

Read more of the final leg of the Rapha tour and all of the Rapha rides here.

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