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September 16, 2010

Elcyclista is a journal made for and by those that have a passion for riding, and the culture that goes with it. We also love design (that is our day job), and we look every day for where bike and design culture intersect.

What a great blogsite. Great writing, great photography and great stuff for sale too. I have been pressing ‘older posts’ for way too long now and I am on my lunch break so I should really try to cool off.

Go and have a look.

Perhaps the only time I hate riding.

December 12, 2008


I find myself hurling abuse at no-one, as if I had tourettes. Innocent people minding their own business perhaps waiting for a bus hear a world of profanities come out of my mouth… “F**k!”, “Bastard!” and sorry folks but sometimes even the ‘C’ bomb. I do not like using these words but at the time I cannot vent my frustration in any other way. “Why the swearing?” I hear you ask, well the answer to that my dear friends is this: WIND. I picture all the commuters out there nodding their heads in agreement, you work twice as hard to get half the distance… I liken it to the 50% off Boxing day sales that seem to be so popular these days. The poor sales assistants have to work twice as hard for half the price.

My commute is a mere 3 miles to my front door so my heart goes out to those who rode home tonight in the filthy wind out to Solihull, Aston, Sutton, Rubery, Acocks Green, Perry Barr all of you, wherever you go.

At this point I want to own up to something… On the final up-hill I seemed to notice my legs slowing down and suddenly they stop. My whole body appeared to reject the bike, almost as if my brain had said to my body “Look pal, enough is enough”.
Ok, Ok yes, I got off and walked a little bit! Let me tell you this though, if I had continued and completed the journey home I would have almost certainly layed a nice slab of vomit on my doorstep and the Lady she had dinner waiting so I am thinking Vomit is not the look I am going for.

Seriously it is a struggle. I have deep rims on my bicycle and let me tell you… not only is it a struggle to get anywhere without your energy being sapped away much like my bank account on payday but it is also a touch difficult to keep the damn thing in a straight line. I attempt to go around corners and it feels like at any second I am going to be lifted right up and onto the pavement, sans bicycle.
But wait… suddenly it becomes easier, is that a tailwind I have? Maybe for a few seconds, but friends don’t let it fool you, it is hiding down that side street waiting for YOU. Waiting for you as if you have angered it in some way and there it is again, smashing your face in.

That people is the wind and I hate it.
Wind, you may be the friend of the sailor but you sure aint no friend of mine.

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