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September 24, 2009

duell 003

Got my B-Witch bars through today and after a rapid fitting session and a razz around the block I can say that for £35 these are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Not too high like some 5″ risers that are apparently “big in London” and not as low as your more traditional MTB riser, these are perfect for me and my ‘Low Pro’ and they also seem to do a good job at keeping the fatigue away from my shoulders too so win win.

B-Witch risers come with a 5cm rise, 25.4 diameter clamp size and an almost perfect width of 46cm so no need to reach for the hacksaw!

£35 from Tokyo Fixed Gear.


July 3, 2009




Seen over at Rotterdam Fixed.


July 2, 2009

Don’t know much about these other than what you see here…

Good looking bars though and I am loving the fact that they are quite a high rise bar without the need for a BMX cross brace! So good for folks repping on the low pro’s. Not a bad price either at £35.


From TFG.

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