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Spinwell for

October 18, 2010

I wrote some words about my recent trip to L’Eroica for and the piece has just gone live! So if you fancy a read about the perils of riding along wet chalk, go take a peep.

L’Eroica, meaning ‘The Heroic’ is a race held every year in Tuscany, giving up to 3000 like minded, fanatical individuals the chance to ride and race on the ‘Strada Bianche’, the famous white gravel roads of Chianti and to spend two days wallowing in pure cycling nostalgia. In true heroic style only pre-87 bikes are allowed. So there are no auto-indexing gears – this is golden era cycling where shifters are mounted on the down tube, where tubular tyres are also favoured, alongside chrome, cloth bar tape, solid colour paintwork and water bottle holders that attach at the front and where the woolen jersey reigns. Any man interested in the traditions of the Italian cycle race can certainly get his fill here.

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A Great Idea.

October 8, 2009


So here is the drill: The EDF energy Birmingham Half Marathon takes place this Sunday morning, “yay”, “great”, “yippee” and all that but here is the beauty of it…

The usually car filled roads will be taped off and e m p t y so Fin, Birmingham’s most “stylish” messenger has organized a ride around the 13 mile course. Genius!

So if you are interested ( I certainly am ) meet up outside the Birmingham Central Library at 7am on Sunday and let’s go mashing! Simple.

More info on the ride here.

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