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Mo Rapha. Rouleur No. 19

August 5, 2010

The nineteenth issue of Rouleur, published in July of 2010, includes 148 pages with an exclusive look at some of the best racing photography ever taken in Britain; an interview with living legend Bernard Hinault; the second part of our series on the life of a young aspiring rider – as well as images from world-renowned photographer Nadav Kander. The photography in this issue was taken by Gerard Brown, Taz Darling, Ben Ingham and Nadav Kander.

Another great issue it seems.

Rouleur 17.

April 6, 2010

It’s fair to say that Rouleur, since I discovered it is the only magazine that I can manage to read with the utmost of interest, cover to cover without being bored and I have no doubt that issue 17 ( out now ) will be the same.

Swoop yours here.
BTW. Have you seen how much issue No.1 is fetching these days? This one went for an astonishing £113!

Timm Koelln.

February 18, 2010

I picked out Timm’s work recently in my acquired Rouleur photo annual 2009 ( thanks Sam ) and I must say he has to be one of my favourite photographers taking pictures of cycle sport right now.

In my opinion he seems to capture the energy and feeling of this sport that not many others can.

Visit Timm’s website here.


September 1, 2009


Everybody’s favourite magazine just done come out as a box set.

The exclusive Rouleur box set contains every single issue of Rouleur, from issue one to issue thirteen, in a beautiful box designed and produced for the set.

Good news for anyone looking for issue one then as I hear it goes for some good cash nowadays!


Today was a good day

May 19, 2009

…For mail reciept.

prom,ax 003

I was only expecting my Suzue Promax 32 hole track hubs but instead I also recieved an unexpected package from Rapha containing a back issue of Rouleur, a Musette, a Calender and a pair of ( needed ) Merino socks. Lovely.

Thanks Joe. No doubt your kindness will be repaid this weekend when your eyes finally meet the Marcarini!

Peep Rapha.

Rouleur Goodness

March 5, 2009

Issue 12 out now and it looks good.

I am going to be completely honest with you, the fine readers of Spinwell.

Up until last night I had never read a single word of Rouleur magazine, I kind of never got around to making the purchase but as luck would have it my home boy Alex came by the store yesterday afternoon to pass me some goodies.

Among other things, out of his little beige satchel came an old issue of Rouleur magazine from some time in 2008.

I took it home and forgot about it while I cut a steerer tube down from a pair of forks I had gotten from Kris at Ideal ( They are perfect mate, thanks ).

Just before bed time I remembered what I had in my bag, so I reached in and gripped Rouleur and started flipping pages, Amazing. I managed to get half way through in one sitting, reading every single word, sometimes twice. Tonight, I finish it.

Seriously, if you have a spare £9 get this… Great writing and Great photos from a source you can trust. Rapha.

Rouleur issue 11

January 3, 2009

The great Rouleur magazine issue 11 is out now.

Some info for folks who have not heard of the goodness contained within….
Rouleur has been created to celebrate the drama and beauty of road racing. It is aimed at those people who, like us, are passionate about the sport. Don’t expect to see bike tests and race reports. Instead, the magazine focuses on exquisite photography and writing that really gets under the skin of the great riders and theatres of road racing.

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