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January 13, 2010

This is the worst I have ever seen it as an adult for sure!

My opening eyes this morning were met once again with a snow covered avenue and the commute into work was once again a slippery one to say the least so friends if you do choose to ride in this weather… Be very careful, use your lights and if you have one put on your helmet. It’s treacherous out there.

Running Reds.

January 7, 2010

We have all done it and this guy breaks down why we do brilliantly.

Cyclists run red lights not because we consider ourselves to be supreme beings but because of the forces of physics. The nature of the bicycle is that we have to use our own energy to move. Getting going is not simply a matter of disengaging the clutch with the left foot and easing the right foot onto the accelerator. When cyclists stop we have to give up all the kinetic energy we’ve built up and when we start again we have to overcome the inertia of our own body masss and that of the bicycle, the road resistance, wind, and so on. Cyclists running red lights are like people walking in a park who walk in the direction of where they want to go rather than following the paved paths. If enough of them are doing it, the result is a muddy rut in the grass. We don’t blame the walkers, we blame the planner who didn’t think about desire lines when making the paved paths.

Short excerpt taken from ‘The Physics of running red lights’. Read more of this great article here.
Found at The Bike show blog.

Big up John for the linky.

Cycle Awareness.

April 21, 2009

Cheers Army for the heads on this one.

I seriously had to watch it twice before I got it so it really does make you think.

Be safe Be seen

December 2, 2008

Just in at the New Era Flagship store in Birmingham… 3m reflective 59FIFTYs, all sizes, an assortment of colours, and a wealth of friendly staff ready to fit you into a lid! Pictured here are the 3 examples but aside from these they have them in black and some nifty ‘dog eared’ ones ( by that I dont mean all chewed up and slobbered over ) these have clever flaps on the side to keep your ears all warm when your out on the road. Remember folks… Be safe and Be seen.refect-0071
Get them here

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