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May 17, 2011

Shifter bikes out of Melbourne looking good!

Two of my Favourites.

October 27, 2010

Bikes and once upon a time… Scooters.

Love these photographs, taken in 1976 outside Bill Phillbrook’s bike shop in Welling, UK.

I had a couple of scooters once. My first, a 70’s Vespa special was smashed up after an impact with a car and the other I stupidly sold to pay for driving lessons… It was a ’64 Lambretta TV 175, I loved it and I want it back! Not likely though.


Cardboard Cutouts.

September 20, 2010

Wow! I am bot sure I’d like to have a cardboard cutout of Mario Cipollini and Magnus Backstedt in my gaff but should you then feel free to cop yours right here.

Rapha Pops up.

May 4, 2010

On the 8th May Rapha Cycle Club will open in London. A combination of gallery, shop and café, the Cycle Club is a meeting place and hub for road riders. Unlike most ‘pop up’ stores, the Rapha Cycle Club will be more than just a retail space. With live screenings of road races and a full calendar of exhibitions and events, the Rapha Cycle Club will be a home for the sport and culture of road racing. This is the ultimate Rapha experience.

An extensive range of Rapha products including a limited edition collection of Cycle Club items, as well as food and drink. Various screenings and exhibitions will take place including every stage of the Giro and the Tour, and exhibitions celebrating Fausto Coppi and the centenary of the Col du Tourmalet.

Definitely need to check this out.
More info.


April 8, 2010

Looks like a pretty cool store.
Thanks LS.

Spinwell Projects.1

December 4, 2009

Spinwell Projects No.1 will be the Spinwell Bobble Beanie. Limited to 30 pieces and available in two colour options – Red/Grey/White and Grey/Red/White ( unfortunately not the colour pictured, this is my special sample! ).

Coming very soon!

Tokyo Fixed Gear Open…

November 26, 2009

… Well it will be this Saturday.

See here some sneaky pics I stole from the interweb from what I believe to be last night’s preview launch.

Looking good Max, congrats!

Apologies for the size of the images… Arkitipintel would not let me increase them.

Tokyo Fixed
4 Peters Street
Soho, London,

TFG Store.

November 13, 2009


So as most of you will know ( by now ) the Tokyo Fixed gear guys are opening a store and not only are they opening a store they opening a store in the west end man! Big things.

Expect to see two floors of goodness, from items of high grade ‘cycling streetwear’ to Japanese track frames. Tokyo Fixed Gear should have it all so get saving your pennies friends because on November 25th your going to need them.

Store Opens November 25th
Tokyo Fixed
4 Peters Street
Soho, London,

Mo Briggs.

September 1, 2009


Kinfolk x Carnival.

August 21, 2009


As an emerging bike-brand, Kinfolk looked to one of Japan’s most respected and established Keirin bike builders in Kusaka to produce and manufacture the brand’s frames. With few possessing the necessary knowledge, patience and understanding required to build a bike of this quality, Kinfolk’s offerings are undoubtedly something that won’t easily escape your mind. Teaming up with another respected entity in bike shop Carnival Tokyo, together the two release a co-branded fixed gear bike featuring a Kinfolk frame and Carnival Tokyo components.

Via Hypebeast.
Kinfolk Bicycles.

Tour de Ville.

June 18, 2009

“Die a thousand and deaths and s*ck a thousand c*cks” were the exact words that exited my mouth in the direction of a London underground signpost yesterday after having the most horrific two days worth of traveling on London’s poor underground service.

One journey from Heathrow to Oxford circus I estimated at a little over an hour to complete, people it took the best part of four hours and that was after countless service cancellations and numerous tube hops. The other journey took three hours to get ( again ) from Heathrow but this time traveling to Bethnal Green Road, three hours! I estimated no more than half of that and furthermore this particular three hour tube journey not only put me at the end of my tether where London’s tube service is concerned but it also took me way past my estimated time of arrival at quite possible the finest vintage cycle outlet in London. Tour de Ville.

At 7.15pm which for your information is beyond the closing time of TDV I finally arrived and to my pleasant surprise a pre-made phonecall half an hour earlier secured my entry into the store.

I was greeted at the gate by Jos one of the proprietors and I was lead in. I must add at this point that I was still utterly fuming from the ordeal that is traveling on London’s public transport, I say “Traveling on” it was more like ‘Battling with’ than “traveling on” but soon after my anger was quickly calmed and my sunny disposition restored.

I entered TDV and upon first glance I noticed the place looked quite a bit smaller than it does on photographs I have seen but that in no way detracts from the sheer goodness contained therein.

My eyes quickly wondered and whilst doing so I noticed such marques as Gazelle, Bianchi, Duell, this particular Duell would sit just lovely in my possession, the paint job is completely something else and I gazed longingly at it contemplating the thought of… but it is too small so no! I saw Moser, Rossin, Chesini and Plum to name but a few. All perfectly beautiful vintage steel road and track, frames and bikes in an assortment of colours and sizes.

Now I was once wholly guilty of getting into the colourcoding, neon, ‘fixie’, ‘hipster’ thing and it was fun to express myself that way and there is still nothing wrong with that but these days I pretty much just like old fashioned track and racing bikes and it just so happens that TDV specialize in just that. I said to my girl upon arriving home last night “Tour de Ville is much like the best cycle jumble I have ever been to minus the junk and with ten times more hotness”

Procured dark wooden glass cabinets were graced with all types of pristine Campagnolo and Dura Ace components, hubs, cranks, shifters, derailleurs, rings all very lovely and all clearly labeled and priced using my favourite method – the small brown cardboard tag hung by a piece of string. Simple effective and very classy.

I saw a plethora of rims while perusing, Mavic, Campagnolo, Rigida, FIR, Ambrosio, everything, all brand new unused and all absolutely ready to bless some lucky fellows cherished hubset.

I saw tyres, I especially had my eye on some real nice NOS Red / Tan wall Vredestein Ricorso’s that would look totally at home on my Raleigh but I am saving! Saddles old and new, jerseys, shoes and even a healthy selection of cycling publications for the keen readers among us.

My time spent in TDV was quite short as I had to catch my 8.23 back to the Ham but it was definitely the best time I had spent in a London bike store to date. I usually come out feeling abused or spoken down to, you guys know what I am talking about right? but anyway. The hospitality extended to me by Keith and Jos was an absolute breath of fresh air especially after my day of hell on London’s public toilet, ahem! I mean transport. Most store owners and staff would not even let you through the door out of hours never mind cups of coffee and cycle related chatter.

Keith, Jos it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and to see your store you are doing a grand job and may you continue to do so and to anyone planning a trip to London you must go down to the store and check it out, it is the exact way a store of this nature should look and run. Perfect. Next time when I am sans luggage I am leaving with a frame!

Nice looking shop.

June 5, 2009

Cicli Berlinetta in… well, in Berlin!




Via Rotterdam Fixed.


April 30, 2009

In my desperation to find a nice pair of low profile 32 hole rims I remembered on Monday about a shop my pal Hardy took me too a while back. I am sure they had a pair of NOS Rigida red labels just sitting there collecting dust.

So after I had taken my washing down to the launderette off I went to see Roy at Roy’s bikes. Now I remember Roy being terribly grumpy the first time I met him, like all he wanted to do was be at home watching TV and that I or anyone in his shop was simply getting in his way, stopping him from doing what he wanted to be doing. That was Roy.

At the end of a short journey in my motorized vehicle I turned up outside his shop only to find he is closed on Mondays. I was so wounded as I now don’t have a day off until next week and I was itching, burning even to get some rims and I hoped that he still had these Rigidas that I remembered.

The sign read “If shop closed I am probably out in my van, call this number” so I tried my luck and called it. It must have been my lucky day because Roy picked up the phone and in turn arranged to be at his shop in 20 mins. Absolute result!

15 minutes later Roy arrives in his white Luton van, complete with his old Alsatian dog in the passenger seat that looked almost as old as Roy himself, Roy with his long grey beard dressed in a oil covered jumper, brown slacks and a red cap looked as wise as they come and full of information. However at this point ( remembering my last encounter ) I am ready for either abuse off him for calling his phone or maybe just some negative energy for upsetting his day but no, he opened up shop, went inside, rooted around a little and found me my goods, my rims – Rigida Red labels times two and he only requested a mere £10 each… Boom! My LBS were asking me for £25 for a single rim not dissimilar from these Rigidas, only one hour previous.

While I was there we had a really nice talk about things and he said he was thinking about calling it a day as he was “pi**ing knackered”, he told me he was 67 ( if my memory serves me right ) and that he had had ‘Roy’s Bikes’ for over 25 years. It looked like it too, there were Frames, partial bikes, wheels, tubes, stems, bars, tools, everything and everywhere with what to me looked like no order and with a complete lack of organization. However there was something real nice about the whole affair plus I guess it works for him so who really cares? Don’t get me wrong, this is not a secret emporium of fancy cycling equipment by any means, there are no more ‘NOS’ bits ( I am pretty sure those Rigidas were the last of it ), no fancy lugs and there are no track frames, not anymore anyway as he told me he had just sold his last track bike to someone for £150, a complete Chas Roberts track bike at that, but let’s not go there.

I heard tales from friends of the ‘Back Yard’ at Roy’s Bikes, apparently it was like the room that could have potentially contained the holy grail ( whatever that may be for you, for me it would perhaps be another DP 18 for the rear ) … Imagine a yard full of boxes and shelves that contained the world Campag cranks, rims, frames, forks the lot. Now I don’t know if it was that good but who knows? The fact is we will never know as unfortunately upon finding out of his ‘retail’ use of the back yard Roy’s local council demanded an extra £1000 ( per month / per year I don’t know ) for the continued use of it. Roy could not and did not want to pay the fees so the whole lot was scrapped. Yes. Scrapped. I never got to even lay my eyes on it never mind root through any of it, but Hardy does tell me it was like something you have never seen.

We spoke of Lands end to John O’groats and his completion of it several times on “Old Bessie” his 531 Dawes tourer, he also gave me some advice, “Don’t wear Yellow in Scotland”. Now I thought this was something to do with rival football teams or something but no, it was simply about the midges. “In Yellow they come at you like a curtain they do, they see you in that yellow jersey and to them you look like a pretty flower”. So basically folks if you wear garish jerseys up north be ready for a good bite. Good, so now we know! We also spoke of the benefits of joining the CTC, the fact that they hook you up with hostels all along the way, so you have a destination to aim for every day… “100 miles on average between em”. Just get up, eat and ride to the next hostel. I am joining and I am doing it!

After a fair natter and a quick root around in what’s left of his stash I ended up walking away from Roy’s with a smile on my face, a nice red Motobecane Columbus frameset, two rims and an old Sakae crankset. The frame is decent too if a tad shabby, unfortunately it has a bit of surface rust coming through so it is going to need some care applied. Apparently it was sitting in someones damp basement for years until rescue, now it is sitting opposite me dull chromed fork crown and all.

I will be seeing Roy again, maybe not for a purchasing but certainly for another chat and to perhaps perform some sort of cycle repair related issue that I cannot perform myself, like maybe removing the seized seatpin from a Columbus Motobecane and hopefully next time I might get a cup of tea!

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