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WWFGSC Reminder.

July 14, 2009


The Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club is on, Tonight!

On thing though, I am baffled by the BBC’s weather indicator as one of them says ‘Showers’ and the other one, on the same website I might add says ‘Dry’. Hmmmm. So keep your mobile communications devices near your person for a mass tx message update coming out to you some time this afternoon.

Here are the details again for anyone who missed them!

7.10pm – Pigeon Park, Birmingham.
7.30pm – Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath.
7.45pm – Maypole Island, Alcester Rd.

Then we proceed out towards Earlswood lakes and a nearby local boozer for banter, heckling, and bicycle rubbishing ie: “mines better than yours” that type of thing.

Hopefully see you all later.

ps. If you are interested in joining and have not yet emailed me your number please do so using the ‘Get intouch’ tab located on the top right of this page.

Weekend Workers!

June 30, 2009

As I said yesterday we weekend workers must Revolt!

So get yourself together for next tuesday when the heatwave ( said in a whispering voice ) will be truly upon us and the Weekend Workers Fixed Gear Social Club ( WWFGSC ) will get moving.

More deets to follow and as I said, please get intouch with suggestions and perhaps an idea of whether you can or cannot make it so I can try to accommodate everyone.

Any out of town cats feeling this?
Where is my Wolves massive at!?

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