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Black tour bikes.

July 17, 2011

My love for the blacked out racing bike continues.

Specialized McLaren Hotness.

March 19, 2011

Is this the most advanced bicycle in the world? Oh wait, this isn’t weightweenies.

Ok then, let’s just take a moment to breath it in… go ahead and peep the beauty and craftmanship of the pictured McLaren for Specialized ‘Venge’ bike.

It’s incredible, Non? Yep.

That is all.

TT Hotness.

July 13, 2010


Specialized Scan 1993.

April 27, 2010

The best looking spoked carbon wheel of them all.

Mo Cancellara Merkage.

April 13, 2010

Cancellara Merkage.

April 5, 2010

Long T(h)ing.

January 15, 2010

I really don’t know what to say, I mean it looks great and everything but tandems are something I really can’t get my head around. Nevertheless this Specialized is impressive!

Found by Xterra triathlete stud Conrad Stoltz while lurking around Specialized HQ, this one-off carbon fiber tandem is based on Specialized’s 2010 SHIV time trial bike.

Made to be as aero as possible, everything that can be integrated is, including the computer, aero bars, brake and shifter cables and even the front drivetrain. The leader pedals a crankset linked to the stokers’ via an internal shaft drive.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits worth noting: First, those are SRAM carbon deep V rims laced to Specialized’s Roval Rapid Star hubs (which, interestingly, are no longer shown on their website). Second, the Stoker has no brake levers.


Cycle to Work…

January 7, 2010

… The scheme that is.

My plan is up soon and the Bianchi road bike I got off the scheme last year is almost paid off so it is time to look for something else to spend ( save ) money on in 2010 and not because I have to but because I end up paying so little for a great bicycle and while I can I may as well take advantage.

I thought “another road bike” but no because spending up to a grand on another road bike will only get me the same one again with 010 hardware and what would be the point in that?

“How about another track bike?” I say to myself. Answer – No. I already have two and three would be just greedy!

So I think I am settled. Settled on something like the Specialized Globe Live:

Perfect for cycling to work on a day like today when it is minus 2 degrees and all I want to do is coast and then slow down using a mechanically operated braking system. Comes complete with guards and a rack too which has bonus points on so many levels I can’t even explain!

This is also great for the lady in my life because with the saddle down she too could use this. During the summer her trips to and from the market / park and other things that girls like to do like collect flowers for flower arranging would be just that little bit more… well, more lovely.

So having an option for Amy to use this ‘cycle to work bike’ also means we can do away with her Colnago ( Fauxnago ) thus not adding to the pile of bikes that litter our dining room. This will keep ‘her indoors’ happy no end as it means the bike stash won’t get bigger thus enabling her new sewing machine to remain out and ready to utilise at any given moment.

So there it is. My cycle to work choice for 2010 is the great Specialized Globe Live, because it’s a do everything, for everyone kind of bike and right now that is what I need ( want ).

See more here.

Specialized ride to Vegas.

October 12, 2009





It’s not light yet. There’s a breeze stirring the trees above Furnace Creek and a couple of sleepy crows are cawing halfheartedly about the coming day. They’d be wearing black again, a bad choice in one of the hottest places on earth. Much to my delight the Specialized peloton would be back in pink.

A real nice write up this, well worth a read and the photography is absolutely on point.

Cycles of the Cycle Show.

October 12, 2009

So I went to the UK Cycle Show at Earls Court last week with Hardy and I took my camera for a wrestle and to potentially snap some cycles.

Real Stealth.

September 18, 2009

Blacked out bikes look great, I love them and I have owned a couple but this, Fabian Cancellara’s 09 Specialized S Works tour bike is something else and is also quite possible the best TT bike I have ever seen.

Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like it is travelling at light speed without even budging.




Langsters Looking Good.

May 26, 2009

The 2010 Langster offerings are possibly the best they have done thus far and in what looks like Steel too. I guess they have listened to what people want and given it to them. I cannot wait to see how good they look with a set of wheels in.

Profile Glenn Anderson

December 6, 2008

This is Glenn Anderson, one of the sickest artists I have ever seen. I managed to get him to hold tight for a moment today while I snapped a pic of him and his trusty steed, his Specialized Langster 06 which he fondly likes to call ‘Purple Haze’.
A few words on Glenn’s recent involvement in Secret Wars, a Birmingham based ‘graffiti tournament’ from Tessa Burwood from the BBC website.

Glenn Anderson has been described as “the most modest and elusive of artists”. He has filled blank walls in Vietnamese bars, completed large scale commissions for corporate clients, and recently held a successful solo exhibition in his home city. His unusual approach to Secret Wars confused the crowds from the outset- he began drawing before battle officially commenced, and finished only ten minutes in, having written in oversize curlicues a message deliberately hard to read. It may not have won him a place in the next round, but it did send out a message- that art should be judged for itself, not surrounded by distracting performance.
Pictures courtesy of BBC Birmingham
Peep him also at his brand new blogsite… The Language Visual

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