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July 13, 2009

Ade down at Sprocket cycles just got these in.


Really nice folding tan wall ‘Criterium’ joints that will bless any vintage build. I am not entirely sure of the cost but I know they are cheap so go grip yourself a pair… Even if it just for the packaging!

Available in 700 x 19c and 700 x 23c.

Sprocket Cycles
54-57 Allison Street
Birmingham, B5 5TH
0121 633 0730
Open Wed to sat.


January 12, 2009


This ingenious technique – a trick pulled straight from the magic hat of track legend Giovanni Pettenella enables the secure assembly of a track sprocket without having to use the traditional lock ring too. This is very handy as it enables you to use hubs that don’t have space for the lockring, and inverting the rotational directions shown it is possible to remove the sprocket without having to use special tools.

I have used this method many times and it seriously does remove the need for a chain whip, you will however need a lockring tool, unless…
1: Like me you are happy to use the hammer and flathead screwdriver technique or
2: You dont use a lockring

Get all the instructions here

Bling track sprockets

December 5, 2008

Just in at Brick Lane Bikes down in London ( again!? ) these super sick fixed sprockets in 16t and 18t… Im so getting Gold, check out my steez when its spinning well in stealth whip!
Comes in anodised black, red, pink, gold, purple, blue, green, powder coat white and polished silver. £16/£18.
Unfortunately they dont do mail order so you will have to go grip one at the store but its worth it for the impact it will have on your retina seeing all those frames and endless ‘bits’. That reminds me, I really need to go cop them black champs.

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