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Raleigh Snaps.

May 11, 2010

So, remember last week I mentioned that I planned to fit some tubular tyres onto my newly purchased wheels? Well, I have only gone and done it! I can also report that: Yes, it is a right bast**d fitting them but I can also report that it is a lot less of a pain in the ass than I first thought.

Happy as Larry I am now, happy as Larry.

Jon’s Bromwich.

May 6, 2010

Jon, my pal sold this, his 1977 Tom Bromwich of Coventry once but due to a non paying punter on teabay he still has it. Not for long though he tells me. He must pass it on to fund his his latest project and oh my is it a project!

Whether or not he sells it though, it’s a beaut.

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