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April 4, 2011

Rapha stowaway meet drivetrain, drivetrain, this is Rapha stowaway.

I spent most of yesterday ( an hour ) spraying my beloved jacket with degreaser as my chain, jockey wheels and freewheel had made a right mess of it. It’s ok now, mind, bar a few holes in the arms.

I really don’t have much luck with these, I hit the deck in the ice last winter and ripped the shoulder out of another stowaway. Rapha curses.

Note to self – Do not strap your wind jacket underneath your saddle.

Lessons in Winter Riding.

February 1, 2010

It was a crisp morning yesterday when we headed out for our regular sunday morning geared ride.

We had done no more than ten miles when that right hander reared it’s ugly head. You see that crispness equated to an awful lot of surface frost on the roads and up until that point we had done a good job of avoiding it but me at the time being ride leader found that no matter how good you think you are at dodging the ice you are never ‘that’ good.

My body took 99% of the brunt with a smashed face, cut knees, cut shoulder, sprained wrists, one day old overshoes ruined, ripped shorts and the thing that wounded me most of all is that in the spill my favourite pieces of cycling attire were destroyed. My Stowaway and my Swift jersey. Gutted.

So I learned another lesson yesterday: Yes winter training is important but not as important as my face so next time it looks icy out there I am staying in bed.

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