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Severe Weather Warnings.

February 19, 2010

Not sure where I spotted this but it’s a damn good idea don’t you think?

Hold Fast.

September 30, 2009


We are riders like you. We founded Hold Fast because we couldn’t find any toe clips that could stand up to the rigors of fixed gear freestyle riding. After breaking countless clips and straps, we decided to design and make some ourselves. Only after many months of street testing by some of the best and burliest trick riders on the scene, did we feel that we had a product worthy of the name Hold Fast.

We believe these to be the finest foot straps made.

Hand made in Brooklyn, Hold Fast FRS offer superior comfort and adjustability no matter what type of shoe you ride in. Whether you are a die-hard fixed gear rider seeking a long lasting alternative to toe-clips, a hardcore bicycle polo player who wants a more protective toe strap, a trick rider seeking greater confidence, a single-track MTB rider who wants to stay connected on drops and switchbacks, or a commuter seeking maximum adjustability and comfort…these are the straps for you.

I have never needed anything but clip and a double strap ( of the nylon variety ) but the more I hear of these the more I want to try them. One thing is for damn certain, they look heavy as hell and I am convinced that not another strap will be broken once these are installed.

Anyone tried them or anything similar? Please shed some light.

Words from Holdfast

Jol Trick Steez.

July 30, 2009

For those not into clips and straps these might just be the ticket. I hated the look of ‘Feetbelts’ and everything else like them but these are great. No over the top graphics and no silly colours… perfect.


After over 6 months of testing, JOL/Gurney Straps are finally ready for launch.

We have been testing our concept of hardware-free bicycle footstraps in a number of different guises over this time and feel we have perfected this product in the culmination of the Gurney Strap.

The concept was born from straps failing at the hardware/join point so we decided to remove this element all together. Our multi-directional hook&loop layer system prevents strap movement while being infinitely adjustable.

The construction of the straps provides rigidity to allow for easy entry and keeps the foot comfortably secure while riding.

Whether for Bike Polo, Freestyle or general riding, Gurney Straps provide a solid, adjustable and comfortable solution to foot/pedal interface.

£30 from here.

D.I.Y Doublers Pt.2

January 16, 2009


The second full set of doublers now made and I must say they are looking and feeling nice…

This time using black suede and larger rivets for a more ‘pro’ feel.
FYI. The suede was gained from a skirt purchased for £4.00 from a charity shop by the Missus.

If anyone wants the original set of Yellow doublers just email me and I will send them out, first to contact me gets them, and for free!

Do it yourself doublers

January 10, 2009

I made these this week.
A cheap and easy alternative to the rather expensive double straps and four gate clips.

I know they don’t look nearly as good as the real thing but considering a set of Soma Oppy 4 gate clips cost like £30 and straps easily £70 ( for a pair that wont be rubbish ) my creations are great value for money. Especially in these times of ‘economic slow ( melt ) down’.

I got change out of £20 for everything I needed. Bargain. All it took was a pattern, some materials, tools and time.

I love them… they make everything so much more comfortable and your feet feel way more secure on the pedals.
Next time however I will use suede… for a more classy look!

Bold clips

January 10, 2009

I passed by On Your Bike today to get some nylon toe straps as my leather ones have failed.
I asked whether they had any coloured straps in stock instead of black, Dan replied “nope” but he did happen to mention that he had some colourful toe clips in the basement. “Hmmm” I said “lets have a looky”.


I can’t get on with plastic clips but I am sure a lot of folks love them.
Those that do if you fancy a bit of bold on your ride…
Get yourself down to On Your Bike and grip a set of these, for not a lot of £££ I might add.

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